I can't sleep...

REM occure during deep sleep usually the last to second last of the sleep phases before you wake up.That is why sometimes you wake right up in the middle of the most awesome dream and dont get to finish it.Seratonin is a hormone released in you brain to tell you when to get up.Melatonin is a hormone released in your brain to tell you when to go to sleep.(this is activated by a shift from light to dark that is why insomniacs like me spend too much time on end in the light or dark)

Dreams are made when the memories and thoughts just float around in your head, except the logic and reasoning areas of your brain and cerribellum.when the ideas memories and other things finally come into place the rest of your brain trys to make sense of it.(that is why most dreams do not make sense)having this going on in your head whaether nightmare or coolest dream ever is apparently relaxing.

Nightmares and odd dreams that are sort of scary (not philisophical kind of odd)usually occur when a distressing event has occured in your life, or you feel one will.This added level of stress gives your ‘fear center’ of the brain more reason to be used in the brain in combonation with the floating thoughts going around in your head during REM sleep.This is because the "fear"center of your brain is usall activated by or activates stress hormones.

Where did you get this information from? Because 90% of it is wrong.

For starters, REM sleep occurs in the last phase of the sleep cycle - however, there are phases to REM Sleep. The first occurs for about 10 minutes, with each REM stage after that increases in length - with the final one lasting as long as an hour. The fact that you wake up in the middle of the dream can mean a lot of things, and for that I direct you to Freud (or however you spell his name).

Secondly, Serotonin is a hormone in our brains that regulate our mood. Ever heard of an SSRI? That’s a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor - also known as an Anti Depressent. While you were kind of right on your definitiobn of Melatonin, it’s relationship with REM sleep doesn’t really exist. It is used in reptiles and amphibians to distinguish pigments from one another and in mammals for sleeping, aging and reproduction - clearly, neither of these have anything to do with insomnia. Unless of yourse you’re on an Anti Depressent, in which case insomnia may be a side effect.

As far as your theories of what dreams are made of and what causes nightmares, I’m once again going to direct you to Freud - because nothing you said even resembles anything I’ve ever heard of in dream theory.

Thanks for saving me the hassles of actually googling it. :stuck_out_tongue: Wow, you’re pretty intelligent for a 13 year old. Not like I’m saying all 13 year olds aren’t intelligent, just from experience, most are.

I didn’t know the brain had a ‘fear center’. I thought fear was just a supreme worriness in the memory department of the brain. Fear is associated with memory, and is somewhat worry.

Edit: Nevermind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the information from a junkie,who said “if you want to give a long post that is mostly correct,but will confuse people named Sorcer, here is what to do----”

BTW seratonin is an anti depressant because it wakes you up Mr. Smarty trousers.

Yeah, you’re better off actually googling it. Most of what Simmer just said is nonsense.

Wow, good thing there’s nobody here named “Sorcer”.

Serotonin isn’t in an Anti-Depressent to “wake you up” - like I said already, Serotonin is a hormone in your brain that regulates your mood. You take an SSRI to “reup” on Serotonin in your brain - which is why people on Anti-Depressents are so uppity and happy and shit. I wasn’t confused at all by your post, you were just flat out wrong. Look up the stuff you’re talking about and you’ll see that you’re wrong.

He’s not completely wrong on this one. I’m hitting the sack in a few minutes so I’m not going to dig for my psychology notes, but one of Freud’s earlier theories said that dreams are created from the mix between repressed subconscious elements (What he called the “meaning”) merged with recent superficial memories and given a distorted form by your consciousness.

I know that, but then again, I don’t recall Freud mentioning a “fear center” either.

I was focusing on that single paragraph, the rest is pretty much senseless.

Wikipedia is your friend.

she always does this and settles everything.I was hoping we could escalate this until we tear each other apart.

well about time to hit the sack.Good night everybody

Cala, real friends would have information on everything. :<

Simmer!..ugh, haha. <i>She</i>.

Between Wikipedia and Google, you can find everything.

And I just play peacekeeper. ^.^

Furthermore, she proved me right and proved you wrong.

And you’d have a tough time tearing me apart in the pieces I’d leave you in. Best to just go to sleep.

I get bad dreams about a video game friend who commited suicide too. David jumped out a window on a bad LSD trip thinking he had gotten some kind of flying cape from a video game( at least witnesses said they heard him yelling , I finally got the flying cape, i can fly now!")
Unfortunately a bedsheet wrapped around you when you jump out of a window on the 5th floor of your apt doesn’t let you fly-
I keep having bad dreams that I see David and he is saying ," That Pro Action Replay code for the flying cape didn’t work"
Sorry , David , i got it mixed up with the PAR code for the heavenly bell in Dragon Quest 5 which is 7E2061D2.Maybe if you had used that one before you jumped the flying dragon would have saved you!

Sorry about that, but I had to post this as this is a topic about dreams.
But on another note, I had a dream last night where the FBI came to my house and arrested me on five active warrants.