I can't sleep...

Ok, I don’t want any assholes teasing me now.

I just had a terrible nightmare.
I once had a friend who got herself a boyfriend, and they had an ok relationship.

But one day, he dumped her. It made her so sad, she eventually committed suicide.

Now, this was a long time ago, but I now had a really terrible nightmare about it.

I still see those horrifying scenes from the dream in my head…

I’m even scared of going back to sleep, if I would have the nightmare again…

And it’s 00:40…

Do something to try and keep your mind off the tragedy, and eventually you will drift back off to sleep. The chances of the dream repeating itself are minimal, so don’t worry about it happening again.

Pah, that’s one night. Try dealing with it every night.

And on the subject of nightmares: I’ve never had the same one after waking up and going back to sleep.

I have. Several times.

Niether have I. But anyways, try to rest a bit. Or, you could stay up until your normal ‘awakening’.

To be honest, I don’t have nightmares. Just really surreal dreams.

Say Fenril Knight 100 times before you sleep. All your nightmares will go away if you do that.

THAT scared me.

You’ll haunt me in my dreams, won’t you, you villain?

Yeah, I’ve never had a real nightmare. Just weird dreams.

But I do have a friend that has chronic nightmares. He twitches in the face and wriggles around in his sleep. It’s weird to watch.

When do you cross the line between nightmare and freaky dream? Because I don’t think I ever had a nightmare either.

I would imagine a nightmare would wake me up in a cold sweat feeling scared. The weird dreams I wake up generlaly just give me that “whoa, what the fuck?” kind of feeling.

Well, I guess if a dream leaves you in actual fear, it’s a nightmare; wether or not it <i>deserves</i> to be labled such is another matter. Generally only little kids have the truly bad ones, known as “night terrors,” after which the child may not have coherent thoughts or even recognize loved ones for minutes on end. But it’s rare to have a dream that puts you in mortal fear.

I myself don’t get unsettled by my dreams often; it’s only when they cross over from ultra-violent (which I participate gleefully in) to sexually twisted (which I’m becoming inured to).

Makes sense. Nah, never had any nightmares.

I rarely have nightmares, nor dreams for that matter. Actually, people have millions of dreams every day, just we probably remember as little as one or two dreams in all that million. Do you have anymore information on your dream? Maybe you could explain it in depth, and how it was so scary?

one time I dreamed That I was on a big field of legos(I was 4 or so at the time)the legos were falling out from under me after I stepped on them.I had to keep running faster and faster,until I finally fell through.I had a dream I was in gym class except it was in this 20 story building and the kids in my dream were not from gym class.They were from Bel-Canto
( A choir I’m in)and the kids kept going around looking for girls to push off the edge of a building by asking them if they would donate money to something by being raped.Truely the oddest dream I have ever had.my friends would not speed around a city asking people that.We should have a dream thread by the way.(the kids were dressed up really wierd they had …I cant think of the words for hands when they go looking for them.

Interesting. People do have wierd dreams. I think the worst nightmares are ones where you are falling, usually from a high distance. Anyways, and you get that feeling. I can’t describe it, but it’s sort of a mixture of suspense, and fear. Ever try something new, and it’s like, all wierd and stuff? Like going down a steep water slide 30 something feet in the air. And you get the air in the back of your neck, and it causes pressure? Yeah, that feeling.

What? “Dreams”, as in images that appear during sleep, appear during a period of “REM” sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement. So no, people don’t have millions of dreams a day.

Bah. You’re probably right. The source where I got that information wasn’t reliable. But, people do have multiple dreams a night. Isn’t it like, up to a 100? I don’t know, I’m just pulling out random numbers.

You mentioned rapid eye movement? Have any more information, or a source of information.

I’m sorry to hear about that man…that’s some heavy shit going down. You have to be careful in what you do, see, or listen to to get those bad memories out of your head. My friend always said to play Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” when I had really bad memories of that movie “The Cell,” and it worked. Hmmmm…I guess you just gotta find something that always give you peace of mind and try doing that as long as possible so that when you sleep (since dreams are supposedly reflections of the day or past [be it days, weeks, months, etc.]) things might be a little better.

No, but Google REM Sleep. It’s a well documented phenomenon.