I can't believe nobody has posted this.

At least I don’t think they have.

X-Men 3 Trailer

Meh, I posted the Pirates trailer. I look forward to X3. I liked X2.

I don’t like how they made Wolverine into the leader of the X-Men.

He was never in charge. That goes against his personality.

Cyclops and then Storm led the X-Men, not Wolverine.

I don’t particularly see him as a leader figure in the movies. He led the kids when the school was under attack. That’s a different kinda role.

I’m talking about the new one, Sin. In X3, he’s going to step up as leader while everyone is mourning Jean Grey.

Clearly from the trailer that won’t be happening too much. She is in the trailer.

Phoenix baby.

I’m not a comic book kinda guy, so I really don’t know what that means.

She comes back.

I don’t want to give much away. Jean Grey comes back, but she’s not Jean Grey anymore.

I understand this, but I’ve also heard that the Phoenix saga is really, really long. I doubt the entire thing will be in the movie.

It was really really long in the comics, but there are arguable two parts to the Phoenix Saga. If they only do the first part, they could fit it into a movie.

Plus, they can(and will) just keep pumping out sequels.

EDIT: And if you notice at the end of X2, you see the form of Phoenix under the water.

Man, X-Men is gonna be like a movie version of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.


I cant wait for it to come out. May is just to far away. Any way, my friend says that gambit will be in it, itll rock if he is in it.

I think his presence was pure speculation and he’s not going to be seen at all.


Yeah, if you look on IMDB at the cast, he isn’t listed as a character.

I feel like I need to watch the first 2 movies again. I know almost nothing about the X-Men universe aside from what I’ve seen in the movies, and I don’t even remember those 2 that well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t even seen the new harry potter yet <.< But yes, this should be good.