I CANNOT WAIT until summer

OK, So a week ago, here I was, sitting at the computer dreading the coming summer when there’ll be nothing to do when I listen to the radio. So they have this competition going on where you can win money can’t buy, VIP tickets to V2004, which is a major 2-day concert here in Britain on august 21 and 22. All the acts are here: http://www.virginradio.co.uk/music/vfestival2004/lineup.html

I thought to myself hey, why not try, never been in a competition before, so I phone them up, laughing to myself and suddenly all I hear is: “And on line number… 4”. I’m won fucking VIP tickets to this thing :D. That means free travel, fee accomadation, free beer and ice cream :D. I can’t wait for this thing, some of my favourite bands are here, Starsailor, Muse, BRMC, NERD, even the Human league. With more acts being announced every week.

Oh, and also I came back home from college just now. Apparently, while I was at college my mum phoned the same radio station and won tickets to ANOTHER weekend long concert on the 11th-13th of June. This one having the BIGGEST acts like David Bowie, The Who and Stereophonics. http://www.virginradio.co.uk/music/isle_of_wight_festival/

So yeah, I’m TOTALLY stoked for this summer. I must be the luckiest motherfucker in Britain.

Haha. Congrats.

I can’t wait for summer to come either.

I fucking hate you. But congrats

I’d suggest you and your mom take a trip to Las Vegas while you’re hot .

You get to the pixies and Muse you dick #@$#*%@

I get to see metallica this september…
and I’ve only heard of one of those bands, NERD, and i think they suck >>
But fuck you dude. Fuck you :stuck_out_tongue:
VIP >>;

I was so mad when I found out I had no fucking way of seeing the Pixies in the reunion tour and now you get to see them for free! I hate you!

oh yeah, and congratulations.

There’s an Aerosmith concert here today, and I didn’t even know about it. Also, David Bowie is playing here in a month or 2, and I couldn’t care less. So uh, have fun participating in the types of things I shrug off as nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Damn, I need to stop being such an ass :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’ll be the luckiest motherfucker when I successfully slaughter you and your mother, go to see your concerts, and get away with it. Start watching your back.

Hey, I’ll help hide the bodies if you give me one of the tickets. Otherwise I’ll just rip your spine out and strangle you with it.

Sweet action congratulations, dang all I am looking forward to this summer is playing video games and getting ready for college.

Done and done!

I’ve got you all beat:

April 30-May 2nd, a 3 day Music Festival here in Atlanta with an assload of bands, all of which can be seen at here!

May 8th, George Carlin.

May 15, A Perfect Circle

I just need one more act to round out May, and I’ll be tottaly set. Rock on.

Yes. You do. Seriously don’t post at all if you’re going to say useless shit like that.

I cannot wait until the fall: I transfer to a new, better college by my girlfriend :slight_smile:

EDIT: double posted by mistake, sorry

I’m sorry, but Sorc simply wins. TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUUUUUuuu ;_;

Shin: Same to you ;_;


I have 2 tickets, but the other one is taken. It’s still on sale, buy a plane ticket and you can buy your own ticket.

Can I come live with you until the concert’s over?