I beat Fire Emblem Gaiden. So....go me or something...

It’s a damn good game, looking back. The fact that you can’t revive dead characters makes it a tad more challenging. I didn’t let anyone die though. NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND, SOLDJAH!!!

If only there was a full english translation out, the ending would be better…otherwise I’d just have to make one up and post it…


So go play FE:G. Now.

And tell me where I can find some other FE games!


If it’s as difficult as Fire Emblem 4; and the series in general, I commend you.

Now that you mention it, I need to find FE4 before my brain rots :D.

But the day after I beat FE:G, I started over again. And so far I am TOTALLY raping everybody. All the hairpulling battle scenes where I had to rely on luck, savestates, and “hopefully he’ll do a special critical attack” are nothing but “BAM, you dead, BAM you dead, BAM BAM BAM you ALL dead, bee-yotch! Go Pegasus Knight!!”

So I need more. I need FE4.

AND Subsequently, did you know the sixth Fire Emblem game was made on the Super Faicom (sic) in the year 2000??? It is. I seen screen shots and let me tell you THIS! If there is a translation in full english out soon I will give up all signs of life to play that game.

hidden character spoiler below

And for those who care I found a hidden character in FE:G. In Chapter 3 on Alms last battle (the one with all the damn wizards), if you kill the head wizard without killing the witch (the one with the mean face and the aura spell), she’ll say some gibberish (not translated) and leave. (With a happier looking face, I might add). She’ll join you afterwards in the castle with a “Prayer Ring”. :smiley:

Kag: Go here for some FE stuff: http://fessforum.proboards11.com/

And FYI, it was FE5 that was released in the year 2000. :stuck_out_tongue: Most translated so far is FE4 (http://fe4trans.freeshell.org if you want the patch), and that is around 80-85% complete, albeit buggy. There exists a more stable version but you need Linux to compile it…

even without the full translation out yet…i strongly advise that you go and play fire emblem 5. it is completely worth your time, i swear.

Tanks youse guys.

I stopped raping FE:G 'cause Dai sent me FE4 last night. I remember playing it when Daria’s site was still up. And I have to say holy CRAP FE4 is ALL about some detail!

I’ll have to check out FE5 though. (I thought FE6 was the 2000 one…ah well)

This is about the first time I touched a SNES ROM since last…May.