I am teh virus mastah!

40 viruses! I am the king of viruses!

Wow you’ve beaten even me! I was close, at one point.

Meh… I fixed a girl’s laptop the other day that had over 12000 instances of spyware on it.


Spyware |= viruses.

I say the same the same twelve thousand? how the heck did she get so many?

Well, I imagine most of them were cookies, only a few dozen could have been programs.

And no one claimed (viruses == spyware), I’m just saying it’s not that hard to let a computer rot its insides out in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. If this girl hadn’t had a virus scanner, she may have easily gotten over 40 viruses.

Jesus jumped up Christ! That’s ridiculous and how her computer even functioned is beyond me. The highest I’ve ever gone up to was around 55-60.

At one point I had over 300 >.>;;

… mind you, for the most part, is was just the same 30-40 viruses which had RESPAWNED LIKE A HORRABLE PLAGUE OF INHUMAN PROPORTIONS. Then I finaly got around to a virus check and they died like germs under hydrogen peroxide XD;


Oh, i’m sorry, I thought this was my thread. about my viruses. I’m sorry. keep talking about the spyware that you had and not me! >:(

40 viruses?! Geez, that thing is an effing BIOHAZARD!

Wow, 40 viruses. Don’t think I’ve ever had more than 2. Those were easy to get rid of. ^^

I got zero!

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever got anymore than 1 or maybe 2 on my computer at one time.

I’ve got about 16 just after installing my anti-virus. Charlemagne did you have one of the “Win32.Netsky.” virus types on your PC cos Wilfredo Martinez sever’s Bounced it back to me. I appears that some of the FFCompenduim was infected as well.

Big Nutter
For Information on the win32.netsky.d. (According that particular site that is the biggest alert for that series.)

I think the most my computer ever had was 17. Nothing more then that.

I have Norton Corporate edition, so it pretty much entraps anything foreign that comes onto my computer. As of right now I have 266 viruses in quarantine, most of them originating from email attachments. For the FFC, I get about 5 viruses for every clean email I receive.

My ratio of Virus/“Pay as you go Porn” to ok emails was about 10:1 before joining the RPGC message board. Good thing My Sever counts most of that Trash and doesn’t put take the bytes for more important matters.

Big Nutter
Now V/Porn:RPGC:other is 10:20:1