I am such a geek.

I just had a dream that my brother bought an unopened mint condition FF6 snes cartridge for $200 >_>;; That’s probably what it’s worth, too.

Well, at least you admit it.

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

Now go try and get laid.

So are you going to prom?

Two hundred dollars? Well, thank you for making me cherish my Final Fantasy Anthology discs more.

‘Cuz dang, I ain’t spendin’ that much money on just one game.

hi hades :slight_smile:


Hey, I can get that far cheaper than $200!

I saw it for $100 the other day. Luckily I bought my copy back when it was new and sold for only $30-40. :slight_smile: And I got FFIV free from dragonquester, so I’m happy with my SNES collection for now.

Well, it was used, but still in near-mint condition. All the books, maps, and the poster were included.

I was replaying the “Full Circle” mission on Starcraft late at night yesterday and getting my ass kicked, so I went to sleep and dreamed an attack plan. I got up this morning and beat the mission using that plan.

No, sadly, it’s not a joke.

Did you cry because it wasn’t real? A true geek would’ve.

Wow, that is bad.

I had a dream Hades made a good post

I had a dream

Yes, yes you are.

Who here, just as I have, has seen this for $50 on e-bay?? 2 minutes off too! Yay!


I’ve had a dream similar to Hades dream, just last night. Except, it was about Tsubasa. I dreamt that my mom had bought a bunch of DVDs and videos, and one of them was a video containing the first three episodes of the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle anime. >.< I’m so obsessed…

Meh, there’s nothin’ wrong with being a geek. The sooner you realize your geekyness, the sooner you can take advantage of it.

Heres to the Geeks!