I am starting to love being a WHM in FF11.

I’m a hume whm and I’m loving it. I took a 2 or 3 week break from FF11 and came back yesterday or the day ebfore and I’ve already gained 3 or 4 levels. Once I got to level 10 it was all good. It is a bitch to get a whm up to level 10, but once you do it is great. I’ve reached Valkurm and I constantly get party invites, despite being in a party. Partying is also easier since I don’t have to worry about some guy sitting on his ass and not healing me like what happened a lot when I was a warrior. In fact, people only die with me when I run out of MP for them rushing the attack or something aggroing during a battle and either forcing me to lose more MP healing or just dealing more damage than I can keep up with. One fo the elvels was power leveled though. The team leader had a friend of his power level us for one thousand gil a level, but I didn’t have the moeny (I rarely venture out with money since I spend it in towns before hand), but the team leader said that he had me covered and paid for my power level. That was tight. Battles are also pretty easy since I just have to do the same thing everytime, cast cure. and if someone gets low enough, cure 2. The next 4 levels until I get a 18 and can get a subjob are going to be pretty easy. My whm is pretty good, his spells are rarely interupted, hell, I can even move a bit and they’ll still cast. I also love how much stuff I can buy, I don’t even have the gil for it all (mostly spells). The only problem is that battles are boring.