I am Sir-Fuzzi, Master of all that is destruction and consumption of pie!

Yeah, that’s right; gimmie a pie and I eat it. Anyways, heya, kids. I like to consider myself something less than a RRPgaming guru, but not too much less; I have played and will try to play many RRPGs. Other than that, I’m open to other questions- nothing too personal though. (Examples being What do you like in girls? My response to such will be: Beats me.)

Welcome. Heres a Pi in the sky.

Uh, whatever, man. Go through puberty first and then tell us that :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the boards.

…Cless… No, I’m not even gonna ask why you want me to go through puberty.

One of my friends can use the teleport. What? You’ve never heard of it? Then, I’ll give you King Banana. That didn’t make sense, did it? But, anyway, I’m attractive, don’t you think?"

I think it’ll change your opinion drastically :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, it’s not like you have a choice in the matter (unless you remove your genitals) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, Cless, acknowledged; Eva, Dubbya tee eff, mate? …Are we referring to earthbound here? Don’t try my EB knowledge. It knows not many limits.

Ah, I see…Well, it doesn’t make me happy, but I understand your point about the fate of the world being at stake

What do you see as your goal in life?

Your old dad was thinking of hitting the hay for the night. Get some rest. (no)
You like to work hard, just like your mother. Just don’t overwork yourself.


You know, my heart is beating incredibly fast, I must be experiencing absolute terror!

Oh yeah, Eva? Can you tell me the song which is a secret coverup for the American Anthem? HMM?!


I have a teddy bear on my head. Im thinking about ditching you for some waffles.

Alright, let’s shift from earthbound… Hmm, what to choose…? Ah! I know! Let’s play a game…


sweet dreams, good night.You’re the enemy of all zombies! You monster!

Easy, Earthbound, Right?

Anyways, lemme state the rules:

1: Simple, a quote from any RPG. This, however, will NOT inculde Strategy games, FPS games or anything other than RPGs or, Platformers I guess.

I’ll start!

Don’t that just beat all…

Stumped? You can give up if you want, but I’m going to say at least 2 people must say give up, otherwise it’s kinda spoilsportish.

For starters, threads aren’t like chat rooms - a thread is made on a single topic and it is general practice to keep it on that one topic.

Secondly, such a benign quote is bound to be found in multiple games.

Thirdly, Earthbound sucks big fat donkey balls.

Romancing Saga?

Hey. Earthbound doesn’t suck, you’re just afraid to play ‘kiddy’ games. And plus, it’s from Breath of Fire 3, you friggin dense fool!