I am saddened

And in Pennsylvania, too. :too bad: I thought we were smarter than that. Intelligent design is not an equal alternative to evolution, and this is not “the first step in which students will be given an honest scientific evaluation of the theory of evolution and its problems.” Any good biology courses will deal with the problems of evolution, although I doubt whether the “problems” they’re refering to are actually scientific.

That’s not a new concept. In fact, many people who believe in a God and are also well-educated believe in it. It shouldn’t be taught in school as fact, however, only as a theory. (This might help those people who are fiercely oppossed to the teaching of evolution in school to ease their concerns and allow their children to learn some scientific facts, however.)

Is it so hard to keep religion in religion studies? >_<

This would be an example of the phenomenon happening nation wide.