I am now a proud user of Linux!

The infestation known as Windows will never again corrupt my computer! Come! Join in my celebration!

waves magic wand

buffet table appears with lots of cake, cookies, and pie


Oh wait…

waves wand again

punch bowl appears on table

There, that’s better. Have fun!

What distro are you using?

su [pw]

What distro are you using? Also, which is your primary desktop?

Sorry dev, but only you are uncool enough to be teased with su [pw] :frowning:

I was going to use Debian originally, but I downloaded the stable (old) version, so it wasn’t entirely compatible with my hardware. My friend help me set up Gentoo, and it’s working rather well, save for a slight problem with my nVidia card. I use Gnome for my desktop.

I was trying to head it off before it started =(

EDIT: Gentoo =((. Well, anything is better than windows :stuck_out_tongue: I use debian and derivitives of it myself, Libranet, Ubuntu, and then just debian itself.

I would have liked to use Debian, but he knows what he’s doing with Gentoo, so it works out.

I’ve heard only bad things about Gentoo. Hopefully emerge isn’t as bad as people make it sound :frowning:

I would have been completely lost trying to install Gentoo by myself. Watching my friend use it, however, it seems to be really useful. Like the website says, you tell the installer what to do, it doesn’t tell you what to do.

Emerge isn’t too bad. Again, it’s nice if you know what you’re looking for.

And thankyou for supporting Linux!


Welcome to virginity!


Speaking of Linux, I’m considering killing off the install of Fedora 3 that I’ve got on my machine if someone can tell me a build that’s compatible with both a Radeon 9600 and a Radeon TV Wonder Pro.

Welcome to the nerdom. No sex for you.
Also, good luck :wink:

I’ve been searching and searching, and NOTHING is compatible with TV cards.

I use Ubuntu 4.11 with GNOME. Prior to that, I used Mandrake 10.1.

good luck with that

Why do people use Fedora? =\ I don’t get it.

Mainly cause it’s easier to install than the others. Seriously, what’s wrong with Fedora? Please tell me.

And my TV Tuner card worked with Fedora. I’m pretty sure I could get the drivers and software for it again on another build. I’m really more worried about getting an ATI card to work w/ 3D. Any suggestions?

Ewww, Gnome. Ewww, Fedora.
What is wrong with Fedora is that it tries to be Windows and in the process becomes a bad and unstable Windows clone. Slow is it too.