I am not a romantic

So I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. The only reason why I don’t mind the day is because chocolate goes on sale the day after. In the past years I came up with plans to celebrate Anti-V day with friends who were like minded. Or I had a test around that day, so I just forgot it existed.

Unfortunately I didn’t really realize this day was important to my girlfriend. She went out of her way to make sure I received a box of chocolates around the 14th, and now I feel guilty that I essentially did nothing for her.
Don’t get me wrong, she’s getting something tomorrow, it’s just not for Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary was about a week before so I wrote her a letter and sent her a drawing that I spent a few weeks on. But she’s not getting chocolates, because I fail.

So why am I posting this here? Well, I may need a few ideas to make up for forgetting about Couple’s day. Why an rpg forum? Because my girlfriend is a gamer, so I figure things other gamers like she might like.
For those unawares the situation is like this: I live in Hawaii, she lives in Boston so whatever I get has to be shipped. I’m pretty much broke, but I’m pretty sure I can adjust my food budget and scrounge up around $50.

And to answer one more Why. Why post this here at all? I could probably come up with something on my own, but I’m curious to see if anyone has some innovative ideas. Plus there’s not much going on on the main page, so I figure it’s okay to post this.

I’d make sure that you pay attention to her the whole day (barring obligations, of course). You can order her something for later, but you should make absolutely sure that you call her and talk to her for a long while on V-Day. It’s difficult for me to suggest much specifically because you’re all the way across the country from her, but try to “spend the day with her” as best you can.

You could also write or draw something for her. It doesn’t have to be super awesome… it just has to show effort. I know you’re more confident about some forms of expression than others, but if you show her something heartfelt and earnest she’s sure to feel great about that. Sorry I couldn’t give you more specific advice.

Do something personal. Mix a CD for her, a drawing like GAP said, or get her a book she’ll like.

I don’t particularly care for V-Day. If I had a girlfriend, then I’d maybe make an effort to care. But since I don’t ever seem to have a girlfriend around that time (or in general -_-), it ends up as one of those days I really don’t like.

As for your particular issue, perhaps a http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/a9e0/? If not, making something is always an interesting option (not necessarily a drawing, but you see where I’m going with this?).

I’m generally of the opinion that V-Day can go fuck itself, but that’s just because I’m a bitter lonely human being who will die alone someday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest a online gift certificate from GameStop or check with another store that might have online gift certificates, or like Cless suggested, make her a music compilation that you’d think she’d like.

I would go with something more special/heartfelt than a gift certificate, which can be kind of impersonal for a v-day related thing. Something made for her or something she really likes. Like, could you send her something she likes with a card you made?

What kind of games does she like?

You could try to make a Valentines Day card or scan one off the internet featuring one of her favorite character. That’s about the only thing I can think of that can be done in a hurry and still mean something.

I don’t know if this would actually work, but make her some kind of food like cookies or something and ship it the same day. If that’s not an option, you could send a game along with some hand made certificates she would cash in for activities you could do for her or together in the future.

Man, I always thought you were a girl.

Anyway, good luck getting anything shipped tomorrow. At the earliest, if you’re lucky, you’re aiming at Tuesday/Wednesday if you can get O/N shipping using something like Fed Ex ($_$). Get something that’s appropriate to her if you want to compensate for your lateness. A Gamestop card is not appropriate for the occasion. Knowing what kind of gamer she is would help. For example, if she likes Portal, getting her a companion cube would be appropriate.

Uh… Sin. She IS a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


I apologize for having no super awesome suggestions. I’ve never really done anything for someone for Valentine’s Day except for cards and candy for the whole class. If you want, you could make your present an Unvalentine’s Day gift to spread the joy a little longer. The best I have is to go for something with meaning, not necessarily with a price tag. I just saw a commercial for Hallmark DVD cards (where you make your own DVD with pictures and stuff) or for a digital scrapbook that stores on a USB drive in a greeting card. If you have pictures together or other ones that have meaning - like things you’ve seen and done in Hawaii that you want to share - you could put together something about how it would be nice to have her there with you. Maybe I’m just stretching, I don’t know.

I do want to use this opportunity to post one of my favorite Valentines ever:

I didn’t care much about valentine’s day until I considered it could be lesbian valentine’s day. Now I think it’s pretty awesome.

In fact, I celebrated valentine’s day by going into the bathroom with a bottle of lotion and GIS-ing lesbian valentine’s day. Yeah it’s been a hell of a vacation so far.

Also , if you get her a gift that doesn’t suck, ie not a gamestop card, you can always say you tried to make it by Valentine’s day but there were problems with stock and shipping and say you’re sorry and she’ll be all happy and grateful about getting something and tell you its ok.

I remember grade school Valentines Day. We were supposed to get some for everybody or nobody, I still came up short sometimes. I guess I wasn’t the only one, but there were also people with extras.

I didn’t even think of doing something like that. That could be really cute!

I’m glad you’re doing well Zep.

I considered the cookie option earlier, but I’m not sure of how well they would survive being shipped to the main land. Last time I shipped something it took forever and was severely beaten along the way.

I pretty much draw her something on any occasion I see fit, so I worry that maybe she doesn’t much care for getting drawings from me since they are so common.

I think she would absolutely love a companion cube plush! I think I should work to make some extra money so I can get that for her. Sadly they are sold out, so I think that should be something I get at a later date.

Gsg, Sin: I am a girl, though I can’t really prove it to you all. So I suppose you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Over here in Finland, we’re intolerant/(“wtf, they’re socially active in a public place and not even drunk, must stare like they kicked a puppy”) to public shows of emotion and/or infatuation.

This led to Valentine’s Day being slightly deformed into “Ystävänpäivä” (Friend’s Day) which is OK, because you won’t have to deal with icky love, but rather, upkeeping allegiances and the cohesion of your closest friends.

No weakness like emotion shown, but strenghtening of already formed alliances! ProfessionalParagonShep

It seems V-day or other special days hadn’t come up before. You did spend some time with her on phone/skype, right?

Is she knows you love her the present itself is secondary. I like Yoshi plushies, but I’m not your gf.

Isn’t giving drawings the 7 year old’s way of saying “I love you. mom”? If she sent an actual physical product, e-cards are also cheap.


she’d never forget you.