I am new around here...

Glad to be, a fine RPG Sage I am from Sega Genesis times, along with my great domain I have constructed. By the way, I cannot add my site to the links section due to RPGCLASSIC’s emails being down, any ideas? Thanks. Be sure to send me an IM through AIM/AOL So we can chat or such. :moonwalk:

Welcome dude, don’t take much you read here too seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome to the very fringes of existence!’

Nice english, numbskull.


I apologise with all my soul lord Charlemagne and I kneel before thee in subservience to your almighty post patrol death squads.

Hi, have fun while you’re here ^^

Yer a dufus.

I know…aren’t I just? :slight_smile:

OK, Lets do the usual! Hi, I’m Big Nutter, aka he-who-can-not-spell-properly-and-gets-on-everyone’s-nips. With me are…

First aid!! Whoops! Sorry, Lloyd shouts that when I really need to be healing. I am Professor Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia. I beleve you have something to say 2k.

(Not Again?) Hi I am Nutter surport unit and I am contactually bound to ask you “what do you what to do day?” (Now to choose the weapon of choice to inflict pain on Nutter.)

Big Nutter - The Return of the The Welcome thead!
Hey, 2k did you ask me some thing?

Hi! I’m your resident dangerously hyper cat girl with a bazooka! And, this is my split personality person, Rikku!

HII! Have you met Yunie? She’s my friend!

Rikku, you’re gonna scare the poor newbie off.



Yo, dude. Ignore Shinryu’s post as much as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, welcome and whatever.

And I guess that is all I gotta say, so cya.


Yes I said it…

Are you happy now?

Hey there, have some divine blue drink!
And party with us all until you collapse into the RPGC urinals.