I Am Legend.

Basically a 28 Days Later clone with Will Smith.

Over all, good movie. Go see it, but don’t expect too much. Also don’t go if you have a weak heart, are impregnated, or have bladder control problems.


I almost had to stay the day before it opened at the theater to check the print. I had to stay anyway to do paperwork but got to catch some of it. Too bad I walked in at the ending. Ah well.

I love how people are saying it’s a 28 Days Later clone when the novel’s decades old and this is now the book’s third adaption on screen. What’s better is NPR’s terrorism metaphor for the movie. Not as classic as the Portal analysis but noteworthy.

As a sidenote, if anyone sees that movie soon, since it’s Christmas tradition to go to the movies it seems - Please don’t buy your ticket and then come back 40 minutes later when the movie starts and expect it there to be seats left. Please throw away your stuff. Please. That extends to Dewey Cox/National Treasure 2/AVP 2, etc.

Edit: Yeah, I kind of forgot you spoiler tagged that.

Oh I’m sorry I don’t have your movie prowess. I saw 28 days later first.

P.S. thanks for using spoilers :smiley:

OMG! That movie is so jacked up. I would’ve preferred that little kid and that girl dying than Will Smith. And I would’ve preferred Will Smith dying to the dog. Poor puppy. :<

Haven’t seen the new one with Will Smith, but I did see the old one with Vincent Price. <3
I’m reading the book per the moment…it’s pretty atmospheric. Certainly has the whole creepy “last man on earth” feel to it. o.o

I haven’t seen it yet, I want to. Looks really good…Looking for the book as we speak.

I saw it today and thought it was alright. I thought it was poignant that they explained how the disease came to be, which wasn’t explained in the older movie, and hasn’t been explained in the book that I’ve read thus far. Although it’s kind of cliche that they went with the ‘don’t go screwing with nature’ thing, considering the biological agents we’ve been messing with for years, that makes it feel plausible. I also liked how they hinted at what all happened through things like the lingering shot of the crashed helicopter, the quarantine posters, etc.
My nitpick, however, is the ending where he draws one vial of blood for the antibodies. ONE vial. Which I know, suspension of disbelief and all that, but if you’ve ever had blood tests done, they bleed you freaking dry.
And I knew the doggie was gonna die, but it was still sad. ;-;

All in all, I give it about a B-…wasn’t all that scary, but it did have its moments.

Also, the Iron Man preview was pretty sweet on the big screen. :3

I’d rather watch Omega Man. Charlton Heston is infinitely cooler than Will Smith.

Don’t diss the fresh prince, he is hella cooler than that old geezer.

At 10+ years you must have a hell of a freezer to keep him fresh :wink:

I liked it, but they took a shit ton of liberties compared to the book.

>.> Man, I dunno what sort of doctor’s you go to Trill, but the one’s I’ve been to have all taken one vial.

Hell, even when I had (what turned out to be) appendicitis, they only took one vial for tests. >.>

It was worth the price of admission if for no other reason than the trailer for The Dark Knight. :smiley:

I live in America, remember? <.<

Go bloodless or go home is how we do it here.

I found one part of the movie very strange. But other than that, it was a very good movie.

This movie has actually been in the works long before 28 days later showed up. It just never got made till now. A shame, I guess.

A version of the script has been at Drew’s script-o-rama since at least 2000…

The movie was pretty good, but the stupid part was that he just ends up dying in the end. I mean wtf?

Oh wow. I saw it and it’s pretty intense and kinda freaky, especially when Will Smith goes into the dark building to find Sam and finds that hive. Holy Smokes!

What is this script-o-rama? I was probably too busy Haloing it up to notice.