I am highly disappointed with the school system.

I am quite disappointed with my school right now. Sure, they’ve done lot’s of great for me, like giving me that award, and letting me keep my mohawk, but this is just plain stupid.

Woot, it’s me!</center>

Okay, I go out for a bit, and walk around the school; since it’s inbetween classes, and I’ve got ten minutes to kill, so I decide to go to the park with Rachel. In the previous break-period I had, which was lunch, something awesome happened between Rachel and I. I won’t tell you all the details, but just to brag a little bit, I was rubbing her stomach a bit, and she told me to move upwards with my hand. I asked if she was giving me permission to move my hand up, and she said yes. She undid her bra, and asked me to move my hand up. I don’t see what’s so great with touching a female’s breast. I don’t get it. It’s skin. To me, it wasn’t anything special. But let’s get on with the topic.

So, we went back to the park, and just walked about. We kissed a bit, but that’s nothing new. We sat, and talked. But, as we went up to leave, some random lady started talking to us. I was like, stfu bitch.

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When the bitch finally shut the fuck up, we had to run for school. We ended up 3 minutes late. Now, what the fuck? It’s not our fault we were late. We get the evil eye from some staff, but were nicely enough to be let into our late class. However, we had to stay for an hour after school. A FUCKING HOUR! D:

What really bothers me, is that we couldn’t help being late. This bitch wouldn’t stop talking; and we tried to not be rude. Does this mean that politefulness = bad?

What is wrong with the world?!


You might want to look into getting a blog.

Edit: No’one will noticed you made this thread to tell people you touched a boob.

If you were complaining about being late, I don’t see why you told us all about Rachel’s hot breast action…

I thought you’d all like to hear about it. And, besides, someone said that in 32 years I’d be able to touch one. So I tolly owned them.

Listen to the Hat.

You should’ve just said ‘sod you’ and run. Politeness only serves to shock people who think teenagers and people with mohawks can’t be polite, which tends to be everyone above the age of fourty. Just be glad you didn’t have to write ‘I will never be late for class again’ a hundred times on the blackboard. With your nails.

Seriously, get a livejournal, man. Sounds to me like you need one.

My school wouldn’t let us leave the school grounds between classes. We’d get written up for it. You’re school’s pretty lenient if they let you go off campus. I’d be happy about that.

Yeah, blog material.

Anyway, I know exactly what my Dad would tell; it’s both you and that’s girls own fault. Heck, you could’ve blown the lady off while being polite. Oprah can call someone a hate-filled jerk but if she uses the right words it’s not that terrible sounding.

Okay, bad example. I would’ve just looked at my watch, told the lady that it’s been nice talking to you but we’ve got to go to school. Heck, if she was an older lady she probably would’ve apologized for keeping you from school. Being polite but accomplishing what needs to be done. Ya’ll knew ya’ll had to go to school, but then again, that hot breast action must’ve still been lingering in your mind…


Wa…watch? Never heard of one. <s>I don’t have one</s>.

but the fact is you COULD help being late, its not like a requirement to feel up some random peer.

Pardon me/us, but I/we don’t have time to talk. I/we need to get going.

Simple as that.

What were the odds of that?

yeah i guess i was outta line…but the entire human society revolves around this sort of thing i mean…everyone tries to get to work on time eh? well sorry if i offended anyone P:

LoL btw i can’t believe u play tibia, are you some high lvl on a new world or?

Nah, the real purpose of this topic was to show off my awesome pictures which have nothing to do with boobs, or being late.

No one commented on how hot I am. =/

edit; I’m a level 20 on Rubera. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s been said but god, just go get a blog.

It’s your own fault you were late. You left the school grounds and went to a park. Had you never left the school, you would’ve (hopefully) been on time.

And no. You do not look hot.