I am going to London

From the 25th of December to January 1st, I’ll be in London. So, to the European members of the board, what should I visit?

Not the Millineum Wheel. Hamleys, or Hanleys, Toy Store is good though. They have giant lego presentations. London’s Dungeon is really good, but not if your asthmatic or claustraphobic.

Visit Urkani!

Since I’ll be Stuck up north, no chance for me to come down.

Big Nutter
Say Hi to the Queen!!

Visit me! Oh wait, you meant London ENGLAND.

Steal me one of those royal guardsmen hats.

Check out that wax musuem. I forget what it is called, but it rocks. I think it is called Madame Somebody’s musuem, but i don’t know her name.

I go there everytime i go to england, cause its cool and i’m touristy like that.

Don’t let the MPs or Price Charles bite.

It’s Madame Tousseud, by the way. Or however it is spelled. Bloody French names.

Start doing crazy stuff in front of those guards that are supposed to stay still all the time. See if you can make them laugh or something.

Our London could beat up your London. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re from London, Ontario? Oh, you poor son of a bitch.

Toronto is so much better.

Visit Urkani!

P.S. YAY, got a new computer.

Been there. Better stores, but I wouldn’t be caught dead living there. The cities around it, like Oakville and Burlington, are so much better.

If your into art, and junk like that, you could visit the Tate Art Musuem. It’s meant to be pretty good, I think.

The Millineum Wheel is okay if you manage to get tickets in advance. The Tower of London is really neat and so is Stone Henge (if you manage to get a bus out there) If you like art there are a lot of museums and stuff. Its been a few years since I went there and I can’t remember much on short notice

Go to some place with valuables that are not gaurded heavily…heh, heh, heh…

I’ve got it! Dress up as Batman and climb onto a window of Buckingham Palace!

Pick up a copy of the NME, and look in the back at the concert listings. They might have something that’s up your alley.

I think They allow busking back on the Tube Stations… So if you find a Russian Busking, Get them to play Tetris (Music A)…

Big Nutter
Since you’re on the Tube You could play Mornington Crescent. (More Info!!)