I am finally recognized as an american citizen!


throws it in the garbage


You’ll go to jail if you don’t answer their summons.

He could always befriend the accused. *Nod.

It’s possible he’s just a liar.

I could also go to jail for the prostitute skeletons in my closet. Whats your point?

Yaay! Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

jury duty…doesnt everyones have to eventually do it. My mom did it, and she could not do certrain things as a jurer(a jury person I dont really know how to spell it.) She couldnt chew gum, and she couldnt talk about the case until it was done. I am going to hate to do it, cuz it will be boring and stupid. Man, I hate attorneys who know their clients are guilty as sin, but hay, thats where they get there money. And if they win, they basically get more money, well most attorneys do .

I would love jury duty, I’m jealous.

You’ve been watching too much TV. Not all attorney’s make a lot of money doing their job, such as public defenders (which do more work than private attorneies). Also, it is the lawyers job and responsibility to use every legal means to have their client found innocent. If the attorney didn’t do his job and defend his client the best he could, it would just require more trials since the person could claim that his attorney was incompetent and use that to get appeals. Besides, our system is much better than many others. We have innocent until proven guilty, which is much safer than guilty until proven innocent.

Also, it is “juror,” not “jurer.”

Charl, I know how you feel. I just got a jury summons this week. I’ve got to get out of it though since it conflicts with my training and some other military things that I’m doing.

I got to get out of jury duty in may because I’m Canadian. SUCKERS!

You’re going to tell us all about it, right?

[QUOTE]Also, it is “juror,” not “jurer.”[QUOTE]

I said i might have been wrong, god be mean wont ya.

Fully agreed. If an attorney simply said “my client’s guilty. I don’t care what he says,” then we wouldn’t have any representation. My aunt’s a lawyer (an environmental prosecutor), and she said that an important part about her job is being able to play the devil’s advocate, being able to argue for something you don’t necessarily believe in. That’s because everyone has the right to a defense. If they didn’t, their accusers would have free reign to say whatever they want, and blame it on that person. Despite common belief (or despite whatever Shakespeare said), not all attorneys are simply greedy, moral-less people. Some of them do their jobs as an effort to defend the little guy who wouldn’t normally be defended, to attack the big guy who could afford to be taken down a few pegs, or simply to defend our system of laws.

While in court keep screaming “OBJECTION”

Is it trial jury or Grand jury? Trial jury tends to be boring, yeah, but grand jury only meets occasionally, and you can hear some interesting cases. My father served on Grand jury, and heard some great stories- our favorite is the story of the $20 Hooker.

(For those who don’t know- Trial juries decide if a crime has been commited. Grand juries decide if there’s enough evidence to bring a matter to court.)

She no longer sucks for a buck now?

I. Want. You.

Also, I believe you have to be registered to vote before you can be “drafted” by the court. Could be wrong though. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know that I am exempt since I’m

too stupid to Die…

I think I got somthing wrong there…

I got out of jury duty. Only because they sent it to the wrong address.