Whenever my computer boots up, this error message pops up.

Nothing ever happens afterwards that I am aware of, but curiosity has gotten the better of me. Does this mean anything that I should be careful of?

Hmmmmm… Have you had a lot of viruses on your computer lately? I used to get a lot of warnings like that because my Norton was quarantining random windows files. If it doesn’t affect anything vital on your computer, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I had a nice a nice chunk of them recently, but they were all taken care of. I’ll run a scan later.

The error message means that there’s a program in your startup routine that isn’t there anymore. You said you had viruses so it’s very possible that one of them was in your startup and that when the virus scan removed it it didn’t change the entry in your startup.

Do the following:
Start–>Run–> type msconfig and hit enter
Click on the startup tab (last one)
You’re going to see a list of programs that start automatically when your PC boots, take a look at the path of each program and try to track the file down manually, if you can then that means it was probably deleted. Once you find the file simply uncheck it on the startup tab and reboot.

That should fix your problem.

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And thanks, DS. I’ll tinker around with that later.