I am calling you out Hades!

Have at you swime, via the medium of graphics creation and manipulation.:ark:

Damn that was funny. I want another comic. NOW!

Oh this makes me hot

Pierson should be syndicated all over the continent. We can put his comic strip where we used to have Family Circus!


Who else has Hades been pissing off today?

Uh-oh!!! That pesky US military!


Its not about who he may or may not be pissing off. If he had made the same comic with you as the man with a mildly disconnected knee, I would have loved it anyway. The beauty is in the tacky art and plotlessness. Either that or the beauty is in the blood and violence.

I got not hate for the the Hades, and I got none the Pierson… but stickfigure guns are so cool that I’ll side with whoever pulls the animated trigger.

Most likely the entire planet.

He called Vladimir Putin gay today, Putin asked him how he got this phone number, to which Hades replyed “Takes one to know one”.

Putin is NOT gay!

Look, I’m funny do, please notice me!

While I find the idea of Hades bashing repugnanet, the idea of a Hero of England that looks like that has SERIOUS cool points.

i never laughed so had.

Sorry Hades!

:hahaha; That was better. Thanks.

LMAO, teh funny. Amazing how hilarious stick figures can be when done correctly. f\

This’ll probably be closed, but those stickfigures are teh funneh XD