I am back.

Hello. I have returned and I am ready to start spreding freedom and equality to RPGC once again. :dancer:

Welcome back


Sorry, someone had to say it they always do, so hi and welcome back.

Nagumo, right? Welcome back.

Communism is a red herring.

Welcome back and stuff

Hey, welcome back.

Hey comrade! Kak diela (how are you)?

Khleb za khleb, Krov za krov?

Long live the Romanovs!
Or, rather, welcome back.

Yay communism!

Welcome back, your arrival is a shining light on the sad news of Lenin’s corpse being burried, since Russia doesn’t believe it to be worth keeping anymore.

Welcome back Great Brother! Rejoin the struggle!


I don’t see you on MSN no more. Sup?

Welcome back. Enjoy basking in our insanity.

Adam Smith Sez:

<u><b><i>YOU GONNA GET RAPED</i></b></u>

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/zepp/smithanim.gif”>

May you conquests be better than the Viet Com…


points at profile


Welcome back ^^