I am ashamed of myself...

I’m gonna rant for a while, so if you want to get to what actually matters go check below the line.

Due to the lack of anything better to do, I have caved, thrown my pride aside and continued playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

I’m not saying that the game sucks completely, if it did I wouldn’t be playing it; what I hate so much about it is that it has absolutely NOTHING that reminds me of the original. Everything has been crapped down to make the game “easier to understand” and “playable by all ages”. In other words, the changed my beloved tactical and calculative methods of fighting to a bunch of flashy skills that are all basically the same thing: Random-chance batshit that misses every time unless I’m attacking from the back.

And the plot, oh God the plot… I could almost ignore the main stuff and just focus on the random missions if it weren’t for the fact that everything was dumbed down. Not only you no longer hunt down horrible ravaging murderous beasts, but you end up fighting against a bunch of guys seemingly pulled out from Sesame Street. I swear my heart stopped working for a second when I was presented with a mission to catch a magician accused of “eating without paying”.


The ability system… well I’m partial to the new AP gaining method. I preferred the older one but this isn’t too bad, it’s less practical for my tastes but it may fit other people fine. What bugs me is the ability learning system…

Look, I loved FFIX, but the ability learning system was a little uncomfortable. When transported into a game where using the strongest equipment available is almost a must on some battles, I have just one question: WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!?

The map making is… It doesn’t really cause me any pain, but it’s kinda weird.

And laws… I don’t even need to explain how retarded this is so all I will say is that, while on a mission hunting down a thief, a simple question came to mind: If you have these almighty tin cans you call judges then why in the sweet merciful fuck am I the one chasing the criminal?

I don’t mind the new race stuff, it adds a little variety. But when they decided to stick with one-gender races the worst I could expect was an all-male human race. Not even on my wildest dreams I could have imagined that they would do something as ridiculous as androgyny.

But… all in all, when I manage to forget what this game was supposed to be and the fact that it failed to fulfill even my lowest expectations, it’s not completely bad. The fact that I’m playing on an emulator with a severe speed problem (Although it gets better with every release of the VisualBoyAdvance) doesn’t make it any easier, but I get used to it. And before you bash me for using ROMS and blah blah blah, have in consideration that even with a job, I couldn’t possibly afford a GBA or the games, since the cartridges alone cost like $200 each down here.

Despite my above rant, when I play a game, I do it right, and I get the even the most unimportant item. That’s why I restarted in order to do absolutely everything (Like map placing/treasure hunting and thieving).

What I’m asking is, what are your recommendations for a somewhat fast leveling up/acquirement of powerful equipment?

Stealing shit.

I know, but to steal weapons I need the Sword Breaker which I don’t get until laaaater on. I am planning on getting 30 negotiation skill in order to get the Cinqueda and steal the “Steal Weapon” ability in one of the earlier battles, but that implies MASSIVE amounts of random fighting and I’d like to have some preparation to make it smoother (I.E. Making it easier and faster to butcher folks).

Make Marche a retardedly strong killing machine (I prefer dual-wielding Paladin with Hunter abilities and Counter), fill the rest of your party up with Moogle Juggler. Every turn smile to Marche. Battles will be over before you know it.

Paladins are useful without their Ultima skill? Wow. Thanks, but keep ‘em coming, I want to have a good repertoire of tactics before I dive in.

Paladins are retardedly useful, though not because of their abilities. It’s because of their good stats and the ability to equip some of the best gear in the game. And here’s the bigass post I always make when this subject comes up, though I’ve hardly had any useful tips come in <_<

<b>Race:</b> Human
<b>Class:</b> Paladin
<b>Secondary ability:</b> Hunter
<b>Reaction ability:</b> Counter
<b>Support ability:</b> Doublesword
<b>Combo ability:</b> Paladin

<b>Weapon 1:</b> Requiem
<b>Weapon 2:</b> Excalibur2
<b>Head:</b> Bangaa Helmet
<b>Body:</b> Peytral
<b>Accessory:</b> Ninja Tabi

The Paladin can equip the strongest equipment in the game (Knightswords, helmets and armour), has the highest def of the humans, and gets Holy Sword. Hunter abilities work well with this, not just because of Ultima, but you get Sonic Boom as well. Sonic Boom is a really strong ranged attack, and if I got the math right, with my equipment that should tear enemies APART. Counter is my favourite of the “melee” reaction abilities, since it works on both normal attacks and a-ability attacks. Combos are always stronger if you have the one corresponding to your own class.

As for equipment, the Requiem and Peytal both add 1 move, 1 jump and 5 evade. Combined with the Ninja Tabi (+2 move), that’s +4 move, +2 jump and +10 evade. So that gives the paladin a move of 7, which is almost as far as gunners can shoot. Combined with Sonic Boom, and I can attack pretty much every unit on the map on turn 1. Excalibur2 just is a very strong Knightsword. Requiem and Peytral can both become stronger with leveling (every time you finish their missions, they gain +1 in their main stat (atk for Requiem, def for Peytral), so those become the strongest weapon/armour in the game. The Bangaa helmet is just the strongest helmet available, since I can’t equip the Acacia Hat (grows as well) :(.</li>

<b>Race:</b> Moogle
<b>Class:</b> Gunner
<b>Secondary ability:</b> Mog Knight
<b>Reaction ability:</b> ???
<b>Support ability:</b> Concentrate
<b>Combo ability:</b> Gunner

<b>Weapon:</b> Calling Gun
<b>Head:</b> ???
<b>Body:</b> ???
<b>Accessory 1:</b> Feather Boots
<b>Accessory 2:</b> ???

Lini is the special mog knight that can join your clan with Ultima pre-mastered. Attach Ultima to the most powerful (59) gun in the game. Remember, guns have a range of 8 squares. That’s insane damage from across the map. When the MP for Ultima is gone, we can always go back to charmshot and stopshot. Concentrate helps improve Lini’s accuracy. I really can’t think of a good reaction ability, though. And I’m having some trouble with the equipment as well (Feather Boots is just there because I THINK it ignores height, and sniping from a high place is pretty handy.)</li>

<li><b>Generic Viera:</b>
<b>Race:</b> Viera
<b>Class:</b> Assasin
<b>Secondary ability:</b> Fencer
<b>Reaction ability:</b> Reflex
<b>Support ability:</b> Concentrate
<b>Combo ability:</b> Assasin

<b>Weapon:</b> Masamune 100
<b>Head:</b> Ribbon
<b>Body:</b> Judge Coat
<b>Accessory 1:</b> ???
<b>Accessory 2:</b> ???

Assasins get insanely good stat gains, 2 instant death skills and the Viera Ultima. This makes them HURT LIKE HELL. I just stuck Fencer skills on there because of Nighthawk, which effectively gives her a range of 4 squares with normal attacks. The weapon should speak for itself, Ribbons prevent all status ailments and the Judge Coat is argueably the best clothing in the game (high def, high mdef.) I don’t know about the accessories though, the Ninja Tabi already go to Marche, and I really don’t know what other useful things I can stick on her.</li>

<li><b>Quin or Generic Nu Mou:</b>
<b>Race:</b> Nu Mou
<b>Class:</b> Sage
<b>Secondary ability:</b> Black Mage
<b>Reaction ability:</b> Return Magic
<b>Support ability:</b> Turbo MP
<b>Combo ability:</b> Sage

<b>Weapon:</b> Sapere Aude
<b>Head:</b> Black Hat
<b>Body:</b> Black Robe
<b>Accessory 1:</b> Star Armlet
<b>Accessory 2:</b> Star Armlet

Quin is another special character, this time a Sage with Ultima already mastered. However, you get him fairly late in the game, and you can get the thing that teaches Ultima relatively early. I’m just raising a generic character until I get Quin, then will compare stats. I’m keeping the character as a black mage for most of his career, though, since they get (marginally, like, 0.4) better matk gains. Sagistic magic is pretty neat, due to having Ultima, Giga Flare, and Raise (a healing/revive spell.) And of course, Black Magic stays great for pure offensive power. Return Magic is fun to use, since my casters rarely get hit by anything other than spells. And Turbo MP makes spells kill shit fast :stuck_out_tongue:

The Sapere Aude is a staff which grows in the same way that Requiem, Peytral and the Acacia Hat do, only for matk. I’m not sure about the hat, maybe I should give the Acacia Hat to him? (I think that it gains mdef.) But it’s a pretty nice Hat otherwise, 16 mdef. The Black Robe isn’t that great, but it enhances fire, ice and lightning magic by about 30%. That makes it well worth equipping. As for the accesories, well, they’re basically the things I found that give the highest matk boost :stuck_out_tongue: If there’s anything else, feel free to suggest.</li>

<li><b>Generic Nu Mou:</b>
<b>Race:</b> Nu Mou
<b>Class:</b> White Mage
<b>Secondary ability:</b> ???
<b>Reaction ability:</b> Return Magic
<b>Support ability:</b> Turbo MP
<b>Combo ability:</b> White Mage

<b>Weapon:</b> ???
<b>Head:</b> White Hat
<b>Body:</b> White Robe
<b>Accessory 1:</b> Star Armlet
<b>Accessory 2:</b> Star Armlet

Well, this is pretty much just my healer. I really can’t think of a subclass for her, though. Maybe Time Magic? Suggestions would rock. Otherwise, same story as black mage.

I really don’t know about the weapon. Currently, she has the Dream Watcher equipped, since I can’t think of another Staff with higher matk/mdef bonuses :stuck_out_tongue: Again, suggestions. Hat is the same story as Black Mage. Although the Black Hat is stronger than the White Hat, I’m not sure if you can get more then one, and I still don’t know who to give the Acacia hat. White Robe halves all damage gotten from fire/ice/lightning. Again, same story as Black Mage.</li>

<li><b>Generic Human:</b>
<b>Race:</b> Human
<b>Class:</b> Thief
<b>Secondary ability:</b> ???
<b>Reaction ability:</b> Counter
<b>Support ability:</b> Double Sword
<b>Combo ability:</b> Thief

<b>Weapon 1:</b> Orichalcum
<b>Weapon 2:</b> Orichalcum
<b>Head:</b> Thief Hat
<b>Body:</b> Onlyone
<b>Accessory:</b> Thief Gauntlets

Basically the reason for my second playthrough :stuck_out_tongue: This guy is going to get me one copy of every item in the game… I hope. Anyway, his main trick is stealing, of course. I just can’t think of a secondary ability. Maybe Battle Skill, for Sensor (detects hidden equipment) and the weakening techniques (stealing equipment weakens the enemy, keeping with the trend…)? Or maybe just make a boring Item user out of him? Anyway, suggestions would rock. For Counter, see Marche. Counter HURTS with Double Sword, especially when you have two copies of the strongest dagger in the game equipped.

Like I just said, both daggers are really bloody strong, for when I actually have to deal damage. The Thief Hat gives some nice stuff, like extra evade and immunity against stop and disable. Onlyone is like a weaker version of the Judge Coat, and the Thief Gauntlets increase my stealing ability. Always handy.</li></ol>

Thank you very much, this will help me a lot. And about your 6th chaaracter… I’d go with Fighter skills. Air Render, Air Blast and Far Fist might not be the most powerful shit out there, but if you find yourself out of range, it always comes in handy.

My Setup:

Job: Hunter
Secondary: Item
Reaction: Strikeback
Support: Concentrate
Combo: Hunt

I went with Hunter for him so he has Ultima as part of his job. With Strikeback, he blocks all attacks (up close and ranged) and is able to fire back. Concentrate means a higher hit rate. I put Item on him because I could.

Job: White Mage
Secondary: Sagacity
Reaction: Reflex
Support: Turbo MP
Combo: White Combo

Your healer. He’s here in case something happens and you need a heal (or revival). I choose Sage Skill for his secondary for Raise, the area-of-effect Life spell and a few nukes like Giga Flare. He also gets Ultima from Sage.

Job: Dragoon
Secondary: Sacred Tech (Templar)
Reaction: Bonecrusher
Support: Weapon ATK+
Combo: Dragon

This guy will literally pwn everything. Have him cast Haste on himself, and go to town.

Job: Assassin
Secondary: Sharpshoot (Sniper)
Reaction: Reflex
Secondary: Half MP
Combo: Killer

Not much in the way of damage (besides Ultima), but she can cause status effects (watch those laws) and even cause instant death. Half MP is not essential, but I recommend it. Equip a bow on this one.

Nu-Mou 2:
Job: Alchemist
Secondary: Black Magic
Reaction: Reflex
Support: Magic Pow+
Combo: Gold

Damage dealer, magic wise. You can use Phantasm Skill (Illusionist) in place of Black Magic if you want.

Human 2:
Job: Paladin
Secondary: Ninja Skill
Reaction: Strikeback
Support: Double Sword
Combo: Paladin

Melee damage dealer. With 2 swords and strikeback, this guy is not one to be fucked with.