WHOA I didnt even notice! What the hell? Bad boys bad boys!


I don’t wanna ride Hades tho, so no I don’t think he’s a car.

Whore you again?

I also was starting to wonder where you were… about last night.

That sounded so awful.

I changed my sig because I didn’t feel like being an ass anymore. That’s all I have to say.



Ah, I thought about it for like half a second. Hi.

Mickey Mouse’s dog is the god of the underworld? o.o

Hi…have we met?

yup. and his dog cerberus is really mickey mouse. It’s a whole sadistic/pseudo-sexual owner-pet relationship going on. really creepy. bad to walk in on.

I too am appalled Hades. I’m appalled at your very existance 8P

No one cares about you Hades, at least alive.

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I prefer to go unnoticed when I disappear from anything, in real life or on the web.

A thuosand eh? This mythical number… could it be true?

Hades, guess what happened while you were away?!

Finally someone who’s making sense.

Lake, big lake.

It takes me about a month or so to start to notice someone’s missing, and that’s normally only if I talk to them on a regular basis. ^^

What were you up to for 10 days Hades?

And the Freudian Slip award goes to…

Oh, hi Hades. Want a cookie to celebrate your return?