I leave for 10 days and there isn’t even a “where’s Hades!?” thread on the front page! I THOUGHT YOU ALL LOVED ME! GOD JESUS!!!

Who’re you again?

Nice to meet you, and welcome to the board.

BTW, Shinigami? Are you related to that girl from Bleach?

After all we’ve been through! I jumped into a German trench and killed ten THUOSAND men with nothing but a bayonet to save your ass in World War II, and that was while inhaling Sarin and Chlorine Gas with my feet tied!!! And you don’t know who I AM!?


Aw :frowning:

Ohh look at me I can post a picture that I ripped from some lame-ass messageboard I’m-too-lazy-to-type-with-a-fucking-keyboard site! DUMMY!

Nah, I just felt like being a smartass. Sorry.

I actually don’t know you, Hades, but I’m new, so…

I missed you Hades.

What’s a Hades? Some kinda new automobile?

Believe it or not, but I felt like starting that thread for the last … 9 and ½ days! I thought you got banned or something. Anyways, it started to get kind of bland around here.
Do you want a “Hades rocks” thread?

I thought it was like for 5 days or less…

I haven’t even been paying attention.

I’m sorry, but threads dedicated to complete and utter lies such as “Hades rocks” are warranted with a quick BAND and relegation to Uriel status.

I actually wondered where you went off to.

I did for a while, and enjoyed the silence.

While you were gone, Pierson and I’s post count went back to zero.

I know it’s off-topic, but why was that?

=( Damn.