I am a real american! And I will fight for the rights of every man!

Alright, I’m not american, but I really like this game. The gameplay is pretty bad since the game is too easy and the gravity is fucked… But the plot and soundtrack are amazing! Whether the graphics are good or not is up to you… After South Park, I’d say that this one is also a kind of art itself.

By the way, this is the plot: it happens before Bush’s reelection. He and his crew are choosing a new god, and they pick Voltron for it. So Voltron starts commanding them to a bloodfeud in which they steal from the poor and give to the rich, while causing a lot of destruction. Voltron himself throws the Statue of Liberty to the sea and stays standing there in her place.

Enter Hulk Hogan, a real american who will fight for the rights of every man. He assembles a crew of three people (him, a cancerous Mr. T and He-Man, who after 2 decades is obese and lives in a trailer). Later on other people will join his cause. So far the last one I got was Christopher Reeves. Each character is a life, and the only big difference among them is their special powers. The normal attack consists of shooting stars at the enemies.

There are some scenes where they give you real classes on the topics of history and economy, which kinda make you hate Bush even more. But beware, some parts of this game are worse and lower than South Park when it comes to offending someone (for example, one of the bosses is Bush’s parents, and one of their attacks consists of fucking, which causes Bush’s mom to give birth to three bushes that will try and attack you).

So, if you like the idea and don’t have an (im)moral limit, here you go:

Anti-Bush Videogame

edit: when there’s someone saying something, click on the text to go forward.

Hint: you’d better set your resolution to at least 1024x768 to play this game, and even so I think you might wish to play full screen (press F11 in Internet Explorer), otherwise you won’t be able to see the whole game screen.

Been posted before.

Way too damn easy. As in, Mario is Missing was tougher than this.

Tripped out, almost as much as Katamari Damacy.

Almost. >.>

Old and beaten.

Cool concept. Especially featuring Hulk Hogan. The last person I got was the Marine Girl( Forget her name). But , as Igatona pointed out, it is easy. I would have finished the game, but I was too tired.

I always got confused in Mario is Missing… but I beat that game. :stuck_out_tongue:


the first two emo games were sweet