I always lie.

No no, that’s the mysterious, hidden text that Pierson added! I have NEVER smoked it…

lousy star trek references. Star Trek sucks!


<!-- Suck my proverbial wang you pussyface! -->

That’s why it has multiple series and movies that span the past 40 years, right ?

You got dissed.

Oww! My philosophy-butthole!

Oh god, I hope not. I hate it when androids explode. It always makes me worry about a certain one. <.<



l 9 9 l
—l l----
l__0__ l
l l

I go boom!


One time I went into the past and killed my great-grandfather. It was really cool.

Which, of course, was after he did the horizontal boogaloo with your great-grandmother to produce your not-so-great-grandfather.

doin’ the nasty in the pasty

Paradoxes are fun, and so are oxymorons.

You might as well lie- If you tell the truth like i do no one believes it anyway.---------------

you are now entering zone where logic ceased to exist. a place where jumbled letters make more since then post with real grammar in it. a place called this friggen thread.

:moogle: and now for random product placement!
drink coca cola, YUNA DEMANDS IT!!

:ah-ha!: I never lie.

Liar! Anyway, I always tell the truth, except when I lie. (Which is only when I want to decieve people)

“I always lie” isn’t a paradox.

It’s a self-referencing self-contradictory statement, which is a category of paradoxes.