I always lie.

The above statement is true.

<!–stick this in your philosophy-buttholes and smoke it >:(–>

Oh damn.

We all know about you posting this because you feel guilty because of something at home Pierson 0.o

Is that a lie?



Didn’t I see that in a movie once? Said to an android, causing it explode from the lack of logic? :thinking:

Since there are an infinite number of halfway points between you and anything, it is impossible to move. OR IS IT!?!?!?

It was something like"If you say whether the statement is true or false, I’ll surrender: I am lying." The n it was all,“arrrrggg!” and blew up.

woah 9 posts in like 9 sec

I will not smoke it.


Contact high.

Maybe you only lie sometimes? Thought about that?

And Hades, Aristotle in present day wouldn’t get past grade 5 with that kind of thinking.

oh shit-

the above statement is true

and very annoying

It was an old Star Trek episode. Captain Kirk and some other guy were taken captive by a super-computer with hot-sexy-android babes as servants. It’s been a long time…

I find your present avatar offensive!

hey guys, you all just missed a great episode of teen titans. the got turned into animals and shit, and it was really cool and i can’t even explain how great it is.

oh crap later my hot pocket is done

I never inhaled. which, coming frome me is a definite lie.