I almost shat my pants and other E3 fun

So I went to E3 today on my brothers ticket, the show was awesome, but for right now i’m too tired to make a full right up aso I’ll tell you about my personal hilight and you all can ask questions and I’ll get back to you all.

So my personal hilihgt starts around 11:00 as I walk around the EA booth, and I see shuffled to the back corner a auditorium with the word Spore written over it. The line at the time was immence almostcovering 50% of the booths perimiter. I decided to walk off at the time and come back. About an hour and a half later I come back and the line is significantly reduced. I hop in line and wait about 20 minutes making small talk with a couple devs next to me in line after 20 minutes or so the line moves. One of the guys goes up and checks out how much longer it’ll be, says we’ll probably get in to the next showing. About 10 minutes later friends of the guys in front of me show up, and talk, I figure they will walk off. About 10 minutes later the line moves again and the assholes cut in ahead of me. Whatever, I’m not even supossed to be here and I don’t want to get thrown out for causing a scene. The line moves foreward, less than expected and the 6 guys ahead of me don’t get in either. The door is now in sight, I’ll definatly get in the next show. 20 more minutes pass and the line moves, as I step to go in the theatre the EA guys stop me saying it’s full. This really irked me with the bastards that cut in line. I really wanted to see this game, but was pretty pissed at the same time. So i decided to wait t out since it wouldn’t be any better any time soon and I had wasted an hour.

Then a beacon of awesome came down. First one of the PR ladies came out and said that Will Wright himself was giving the demo. Until this point I had figured it would just be some EA dude presenting. So this was a great turn. Then she told me the zinger. Miyamoto San was coming to the next presentation. The Shigeru Miyamoto was coming to the very next showing, the exact same one I was going to be sitting in. The next 20 minutes were fairly uneventful. Miyamoto and his enterouge(sp?) arrived And were let in first along with a couple random VIPs. The room was basically filled after that, but me and 5 or so others were able to secure seating. It was a fairly amazing expierence to have 2 of the biggest gaming names in the world in a small 15x15 room showing a demo of Spore.

The demo itself was amazing, showing how the modeling worked, the space game and the creature game. The game itself will definatly be a hit when it comes out.

Any way thats about the gist of my little story, feel free tyo ask about whatever.

How come whenever someone finds out about a video game they like at E3 they always describe the feeling as “I pooped my pants” or “I creamed my pants” or some variation? It’s never “I’m really excited about this game” or “I’m really looking foreword to this game”, it always has to have something to do with an uncontrollable form of release.

Clearly, videogames are made mostly of laxatives.

Either way, E3 must smell worse then an anime con.

Man, I am SO buying that game. I dont’ care if it kills my computer, I am GETTING IT! >:E

Also, cool for you to get to go to E3. :slight_smile:

Funniest post to me today!

Good stuff man!
Wish I was there and I wouldn’t mind to play Wii tennis with Iwata and Miyamoto :wink: