Hypothetically speaking...

For 3rd edition D&D, roughly how much experience would a party of a half dozen level 6s get for defeating 50 skeletons (about 20hp each), 20 human acolytes (let’s say, level 7), and a level 30 lich and destroying its phalactory? Just out of curiosity.

Powergame much?

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve played any D&D, let alone 3E. Tallying up experience for all of that is going to be based on a few mathematical equations. First, you have to figure out how much XP each monster type gives individually. Then you multiply it by the amounts for the creature types, and after that you have to factor in the Challenge rating somewhere. Then you divide it by the amount of people in the party. I don’t know the exact values of these since I gave my 3E books to someone who had more time than me to run a campaign. And when you’re powergaming, extra experience is usually awarded for larger numbers.

Talking about D&D makes me want to find some people in my area who play and get a once a week campaign started. But it would be a small 4 or 5 PC group. I don’t have the time to powergame anymore with 12 people. But it sure was fun in school.

Well…Normal skelles are CR2…those look to be CR3…so…300x50=15000

Acolytes…level 7…CR7 obviously…Hrm…I’d say those are worth about 650ish a piece, so 650x20=13000+15000=28000

And now, the Lich. At LEAST a CR 29 (not kidding, LIKELY HIGHER)…so…Oh hell, let’s just assume you get about 70k or so XP to save time.

My character who lichified (yes, lichified) himself would have a CR of 46, if he were a monster. He would also give about 160,000 XP. So, this lich would probably give something more like 50k if a party of level 6s can take him out.

Wow, I was close on my guess…