Let us take a moment to show our appreciation for everyone who works so hard for this site that we love.

And nothing says appreciation like cake!

So, a huge thank you to the administrative staff in general and Nulani in particular. Have some cake. :victoly:

Om, nrom, nrom.

Hooray! All hail Nul!:victoly:

Thanks. I’d like to thank everyone who offered to help. You deserve cake too.

Huzzah for the shopkeep!

Huzzah to our benevolent overlords for our restored post count! :toast:

great job!

Huzzah and stuff!

Hip hip hooray for the RPGClassics Agora!

Awesome job indeed! Many thanks to our dear Nul. It can be so useful to have Death around!
Now let’s celebrate with our regained beloved emotes. :dancer: :wave: :toast::toast: :dancer: Huzzah! :ark:

Definitely, Nulani deserves our thanks and more for all the work she’s put into keeping us afloat these past couple years and through this latest catastrophe.

I once heard Nulani fought off a rabid badger just by looking disapprovingly at it.

I guess this proves that tale right!

Hooray! Many thanks to Nulani.

Now then, Celebration time!

So… I guess the cake is not a lie? :wink:

Anyway: I said I wouldn’t celebrate until the boards were actually back, so-

We dance the Dance of Joy!!*

:moogle: :dancer: :mwahaha: :hyperven:

*Extra cool points to anyone who knows where that reference is from! :wink:

I thought you hated Portal and were never going to play it because the humor was too dark.


Thanks, Nul.

I was really dissapointed to join a great forum and have it die a month later…
And you did an amazing job restoring it to its former glory. Truly, nom the cake. Nom with pride.

When did I say that? (Mind you, it’s probably true.)

Besides, the cake thing is a freakin’ meme by now.

Nice job Nulani. Thank you.