Huuuuuub (computer related help)

Ok, I have no idea how to set up my hub to connect two computers to the internet, or even one. Now the modem connects one comp to the net just fine but when I put it through the hub it no longer connects. I have enough cables (I think) to connect everything, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right. If you need any info to help me solve this, just ask.

the modem goes into its appropriate slot in the hub and relay the comps to the hub’s other ports. The comp that was first connected to the modem should be fine, however, it does occur that the 2nd comp needs its own IP (contact ISP) or you need to configure a special setting so that the hub will send to the 2nd comp. See your manual for that.

Ok, but here’s the thing, going Modem -> PC 1 works fine, but Modem -> Hub -> PC1 doesn’t work, is there something I have to configure to make it work?

(I’m plugging the modem into the uplink port on the hub and the PC into port 1)

Plug the modem into port two. Also make sure that the modem and the computers use the same ip address policies and are in the same subnet, without the technobabble that means: Make sure the ip addresses look somewhat alike.

So modem in port 2, and PC #1 in port 1? If so, would the eventual PC #2 go in port 3?

Oh, and by similar IP, the first three numbers have to be the same and the fourth has to be different?

Yes and yes.

Just to be clear, are you using a hub or a router? They look similar, but they serve slightly different functions. What you’re trying to do looks like something that would require a router and not a hub. While it’s possible to share an internet connection using only a hub it’s much harder than it really needs to be and unless you know a fair bit about networking you might not be able to do it. You want something like this (It doesn’t have to be a linksys, it’s just use as a reference). If you’re using a router to setup your connection then all you need to do is plug your modem into the WAN port on the router and the PCs into the router then type the router IP in your web browser ( for linksys) and configure your connection from there.

You might want to make sure that your ISP has given you rights for two IP addresses. I know with Cox you have to pay about $5 (US) extra a month for a second IP address. Secondly, I use a hub, and you are right for putting the modem into the Uplink slot, but you may or may not need to install something for either PC to recognize the hub, but I don’t see why.

If all else fails… You could take it back and get a new one, to see if it was merely a problem with the hub.

(Oh, and though this goes without saying, one of my professors at SACC had a coupel phrases that might help here. “Is it plugged in? Is it turned on?”)

What DS said - Get a router (I’d reccommend Cisco stuff, but those might be out of your league :wink: ) instead of a hub.

Also, make sure that you have the subnet mask

Originally posted by Wertigon
[b]What DS said - Get a router (I’d reccommend Cisco stuff, but those might be out of your league :wink: ) instead of a hub.

Also, make sure that you have the subnet mask [/b]

And don’t listen to Wertigon, there are several cases where you wouldn’t want the subnet mask If you were me, you’d want, or nothing would be working.

Nul: Might as well have a subnet mask of then, problem is that unless you have the same subnet mask as your ISP ( in most cases) you’re screwed. is not compatible with, nor is it compatible with or anything else you can think of.

As I was saying though - Get a Cisco router, then you can have one IP address outwards and 16 million addresses inside if you’d like. :slight_smile:

In either case the choice of a subnet mask is totally irrelivant if you decide to use a router since most low cost routers come with a built in mask that can’t, or at least shouldn’t be changed.

Skipping all the mumbo jumbo bullshit…

Basically, you want to connect two computers to your router/hub, then connect the modem to the router - so that both computers and the modem are all connected through the router. There should only be one cable going between the computer and the router, and you don’t have to connect the two computers with a cable directly.