Hurricane Juan

I’m worried about Eva because she lives there and hasn’t appeared in ICQ nor here today. I hope it’s just because of the blackouts. I think there’s someone else from RPGC that lives in that region, but I can’t remember who.

hurricane Juan hit Nova Scotia with 87 mph winds and wroke a lot of Havoc by midnight (East Coast time). There were floods and flying trees in Halifax. Two buildings collapsed and at least two people died.

That’s about all the news I have. Does anyone here know more about it, or the things that are going on in Nova Scotia by now?

I heard on the news that the hurricane has passed Nova Scotia already. Apparently from the news anchor’s recollection she had to hold on to a heavier colleague to stops from flying away.

On another note the Semi-naked shovel guys is hilarious

I’ve heard that a large flood has hit the area as well, and many people are without power. Trees have been uprooted, etc. I hope Eva isn’t in the path of destruction, though.

Anyone on the boards live near there?

There storm last I checked (last night) is now a tropical storm.
It might have changed though so don’t take my word on it.

Ahh yes I was going to make a thread about this, but thank you Ren =D

We now have a major leak in the ceiling, some of our trees got uprooted, the fences were destroyed and I’ve had no power for two days.

At least someone noticed I was gone sniff

Yesterday I awoke to the first hurricane I’ve lived through in my entire life. It was a category 1 hurricane, so technically it wasn’t bad by hurricane standards, but it was freaking crazy.
I could not fall asleep on Sunday night as the hurricane was so frigging loud. it wasn’t scary, but it was very chaotic and it was something I’ve never heard before. I have not heard a noise so loud as that wind. It was over 145 km, as Ren said and my animals were terrified. The power went out on 11:30 PM Sunday night, and it is currently Tuesday afternoon and my neighbourhood is without power.

If you’re wondering I am babysitting and I’m on the boy’s parent’s computer :stuck_out_tongue: They live about 1 km away and THEY have power but I do not. I had my first shower in 3 days today. i know you needed to hear that.

By the way, the restuarants and fast food places are INSANE. There are two hour waits in every freaking place, people rushing to get hot food or coffee. Since Nova Scotians have never experienced a hurricane, many of us assume we are therefore going to die and stocking up on gas and hot food will spare uf os that fate. Yes, people are freaking.

People are taking pictures of huge ass uprooted trees and smashed cars and normal stuff like that. I think it’s personally funny that so many people are fascinated by downed power lines and trees on the roads and stuff 8P

my phone is also out, all schools have been closed for two days and 3 people have died so far. Apparently my school’s gym roof has been ripped off so I don’t know when I’ll be going back or if we will just have to steer clear of the gym. All in all this is pretty interesting and I have the utmost respect for anyone who has lived through a hurricane, because i’ve just experienced a category ONE hurricane and it was enough to cause so much shit in Halifax and the surrounding area. A couple ships sank as well and the mayor is saying this will take a long time to get through.

but I’m fine! i was in the eye of the storm, but the wind direction was on our side and a lot of people avoided having their houses being destroyed by falling trees but others weren’t spared of that. And I usually say nothing happens around here:ah-ha!:

It’s good to hear you’re ok, Eva:yipee:

You know, even if it’s a category one and you’re not in middle of the destruction path, it still takes some guts to take it like that.

I was wondering about you too when I heard about the hurricane but since I haven’t been on the boards lately, I didn’t know you where missing. Good to know you’re all right.

My uncle living in Kansas had a Category 3 (Or that’s what he said). He called and was like (Translated version of his spanish slang)

“Man! You’re not going to believe this! I was in the middle of a f’kin’ Hurricane 3! Stuff blowing everwhere! Half of my house got blown off! It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”

I swear the guy is crazy. I didn’t even know there had been an hurricane… are there hurricanes in Kansas anyway?

I think it’s called tornado (also twister) instead of hurricane when it doesn’t come from the sea.

The fastest wind I’ve ever seen was strong enough just to keep a 6 or 7-year-old boy (me, I don’t remember what age by then) from walking against it. I suppose if I ever knew there was the possibility of an hurricane coming here I’d be bunkered in some underground building untill there were no more strong winds.

It’s unlikely that it would be a hurricane in Kansas, that’s really far inland. It’s possible I suppose, but somewhere in the rarity of less than once a century (I’m guessing). I’m inclined to second Ren’s suggestion that it was a tornado. One little thing I have to be anal about: a tornado is not just another name for a hurricane, it is a different cloud system. A tornado that occurs over water is called a water spout.

edit: yeah, kinda like what Demi said.

Tornadoes sucks. But they are the coolest looking natural diasters next to volcanoes, so I have respect for the tornado. By the way eva good to hear that you are ok. I would be freaking out if a hurricane came through my town, not likely since I live in Michigan. So it would probaly be a tornado. Which causes I think a lot more destruction, when a tornado comes through there is like nothing left.

I know I’m necroposting and all that so ya’ll can hate me if you want, but I want to do the status updating thingy, and there’s no sense in making a new thread.

Well I’m back, as you can tell. It is Thursday afternoon, I have just gotten my electricity back, it has been gone since Sunday night or so.

The hurricane was a category 3, actually, not 1, they reported it wrong and have upgraded it. Halifax is still a bloody mess, but I’m still outta school:yipee:

I feel like I have missed so much here. I need to get a life, as soon as the power comes back I jump right into Agora, hehe.

I feel quite silly though because this is my first hurricane and I am totally freaking out. Not frantic like most people, but I’m being a baby cuz Ive never lived through one before.

Next time we will so have a generator…I missed my baby hugs monitor Hey Im growing up in electronic times, don’t laugh at me…

Glad to hear that you’re okay. ^.^

I hug and caress my cpu, so I’m not any better…

Anyway, an F-3! Now THAT’s something worth a sight.

BTW, have you already fixed the other things like the ceiling leak & stuff?

Thank you Phoenix ^^

I believe so, I havem’t been living at home much, only to sleep. I’ve been at a little boy’s house (har har) who I babysit cuz HE HAD POWER the whole time that little bugger. My parents climbed up in the attick and check out that part of the roof while I was gone, and it seems to be fine now…until we get a rainstorm or something. As my mom always says, this house is cursed.

We had no lines down connected to our house, but our neighbours weren’t so fortunate. Ah well.

Let’s light a candle and hold hands and hope that my school has not been inspected and repaired yet so that I have more time off. I know how selfish that sounds (mainly cuz I pay no official taxes…yet ^_~) but meh I’m 16, so shoot me:yipee:

Originally posted by Evangelion
Next time we will so have a generator…I missed my baby hugs monitor Hey Im growing up in electronic times, don’t laugh at me…
Yeah, can you say $50 to run it long enough for your computer to boot, and you to get on the net and post once?

Well my comment was a bit tongue and cheek obviously. I’ve had the hum of generators in my ears for awhile and I know they only power a few appliances at a time. I know how expensive they are but my parents think they are worth it.

And some friends of mine I can only communicate with them currently, over the net, and not being around online worried a handful of people…just letting them know Im ok would be worth it.

I’m glad to know that you’re all right.
Whoa, what a mess… too bad about those three people.
So, the place is in complete chaos, eh? I can imagine…

Originally posted by Manus Dei
So, the place is in complete chaos, eh? I can imagine…

Loot time…

Already attempted.

I mean…

I wouldn’t wanna be stuck in a hurricane with you then Ren :stuck_out_tongue: