Hurricane Isabel

Best of luck.

I like living where I live: Nature’s wrath is virtually ignoring us. The worst natrual phenomenom I have experienced was an earthquake that virtually did nothing but rattle the knives and forks.

Which reminds me…it’s been about 10 years since Hurricane Opal raped my part of town…


Canadia has no natural disaster, only coldness in winter, I’ll take that over hurricanes and similar shit even if we do get catastrophic icestorms once every 40 or so years.

/me huggles Shin.

OK, So al of you up north think you are sort of safe.

well guess what!


Im like most likly to get hit.

“Throws a Hurricane party”
You all are cordially invited to my hurricane party, starts as soon as i get out of school, prob thursday.

Wow, you’re pretty screwed.

Do you think it will hit Michigan?? If it did I hope it destroys my school that would be cool. Plus a hurricane would be better the weather we have. It would be the middle of summer and we would have snow. It fucking sucks, I HATE MICHIGAN!!!

No. It will not hit Michigan, Ramza. And if it does, it will be so weak that it will be a harder rain than usual.

it dropped to a category 3, w00t

It’s also probably gonna completly avoid Georgia, which sucks cause we need it.


at reading maps i tried but it just confuses me so anyone mind telling me what it looks like for NJ?

Wow, it isn’t very difficult. The lines trace the predicted route that the hurricane will take. Now, I assume you know your own countries geography and can tell one state from another. Locate NJ on the map and see if the trail goes through it or nearby it - which I don’t believe it does.

NK is around the top right of the targeted area I believe. You aren’t in the heart of it, though, around on the edge if sight serves me correctly.

EDIT: though I have no clue what the weather would be like for where I just mentioned because I’ve never lived through a hurricane in my entire life :stuck_out_tongue:

come to think of it, for some reason hurricanes make my city drier(if that’s possible)

I live in florida on the coast (Jacksonville area) and for some reason, everytime a Hurricane comes our way - it ALWAYS misses us. I cannot tell you how many hurricanes have come near us and gave us some good rain but we never get any worse heh.


I live in Hubert NC, thats in between Jacksonville and swansboro, and they say that the eye might make landfall in swansboro.

Look me up on a map and see how screwed I am if you dont belive me.

“Throws a Hurricane party”

Also anyone that wants to come stay with me is more than welcome. I’m having a Hurricane party:)

Need it, Sorc? Need it? Good lord. We’re still in normal water range. On average, we’re at our same historical values at least or even in a surplus. Besides, even if it’s gone a little time without much rain, that doesn’t compare to that five year drought. :stuck_out_tongue:

From where I live, I will only receive heavy rain. I can be considered lucky.

I was worried for a while that it’d go into the Gulf and hit Florida. I hope everyone gets out alright and stuff. That storm is really pretty, though, in an eerie, scary, wanna-wet-your-pants sort of way. (I sound like such a nerd:noway:)


We had our house trashed by hurricane floyd a few years back…this time we are emptying out basement, so nothing gets damaged if/when it floods…

at reading maps i tried but it just confuses me so anyone mind telling me what it looks like for NJ?

You dont know where your own state is? Its right next to pennsylvaina, the big box shaped one…and FYI it looks like we (PA and NJ) will just get rain…that maps shows the hurricane loosing strength before it gets to us…

EDIT-Lol, this reminds me of a MST3K where crow says “being good at reading maps is like being good at eating cereal”