The old Vicki we all knew and loved is back!

You hit new thread by mistake dude.

I think I know how to make a new thread!

Obviously, you just dont know how to hit post reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, Shut your hatch, Vicki deserves TWO THREADS!

Only two threads Charle? You must not hold Vicki in the proper esteem then :stuck_out_tongue:

She deserves six at least :stuck_out_tongue:

two threads is the highest degree of awsomociouty. Once somone posts a third thread, that thing the thread is about begins to suck.

Indeed, that’s my favorite avvy ever, from anyone!

Yeah, it is a sweet avatar. Varan, your’s is pretty cool too.

Fuse 8!
Damn, I forgot I can’t fuse threads here.

The burning skull is cool.

My avvy is the best!

Ms. Mintage’s avatar can just look at your avvie, Star, and melt it into red mud, so nyah!

And hoorj for teh skullz0rz

Mine is the best.

I like having two threads about me… well, two nice threads about me.

Yeah, you’re cute.

I’m gonna say that Cat-Mayl is cuter. And then I want Tron to climb into the Bruno and blast the hell out of me.

Uh … all right …


“I think Cat-Mayl is cuter.”

Aww, thank you! =^.^=

[Pirate Mech Bruno strikes Mayl with attack ITS A GUNDAM!!!.]
[Mayl has taken too much damage and falls unconscious.]