Hurray up and break up eurozone.

All this drama is too much for me to take. Just get it over with.

When the Euro collapses, the Bitcoin shall reign supreme.

Cher would never let the Europopoly fall apart

Dammit Germany, stop being such a pussy.

Screw you Ireland, we’re paying your debts, and Greece’s, and Spain’s, and Italy’s! :get it?:

You should just draw a line in the middle of Europe and have a long, brutal war where each side represents something truly horrific but puts it really, really, nicely. That will build a more perfect European Union/European Confederation. It worked great and not terribly for America.

Iron Curtain. Been there, done that.

Bitcoins have increased 200% since the Euro collapse

Yeah exactly - stop being pussies and paying out debts.

(PS: Bail out your bankrupt cities maybe??)

(PPS: The debts (in Ireland) are incurred because of German, French, British, etc banks investing in Irish banks and Ireland being obliged to cover the debts these banks should be incurring themselves because :reasons:)

(PPPS: Technically you’re not paying Spanish and Italian debt yet, you have to wait for those economies to collapse moar before you do that. It’s Ireland, Greece and Portugal for now.)

LITERALLY LITERALLY replied over a month later.

Please, Numbers, he’s busy with his Chinese lady.

It’s not like they aren’t already waiting in line!

Also, from what I gathered during my time in Ireland is that everyone must be crazy rich or something, because every damn school kid has a blackberry and food is damn expensive, even in Tesco. :moneyplz: I’m sure you have a secret stash somewhere. Little private pots o’ gold. You know, the usual.

Also, I request zepp should post more information about his Chinese lady due to rising public interest.

In the public good, it must be so Zepp.

And yeah we have stupid amounts of private debt - we’re p. much boned anyway. Aldi and Lidl are where we go for cheap, good food but man if you think it compares badly now you should’ve come 3 years ago. GOOD TIMES.

Yeah, Catalonia went bankrupt, now the whole rest of the country can’t keep borrowing from Catalonia to stop themselves from going bankrupt, so it’s only a matter of time. Italy can do alright for itself if it can keep convincing rich tourists that pasta in marinara sauce tastes different in other countries.

Catalonia was the third province to ‘not-get-a-bailout-I-swear’ actually and Italy is going to probably exit the euro anyway when Berlesconi gets back in (which will be hilarious) but might have had to get a bailout before then anyway.

But remember, the first rule of bailout-club is we don’t talk about bailout-club.

Don’t hurry up and break up Eurozone unless we want everything to get fucked up. As in 25% of GDP fucked up. Anyway, apparently the Greek pension age will be raised by a year because cutting the arms-buying program is a no go. These exports don’t stay propped up if the buyers stop buying.

I honestly believe Greece, Spain and probably Ireland and Portugal (and maybe Italy) would be better off outside the eurozone right now - the rising unemployment and lack of control over the currency + other factors (like the fact that Spain’s employment boom was based, even more than Ireland, on a housing boom) means that we basically are fucked - not to mention that there is no way any of these countries will be allowed to default while in the euro which is what will probably end up being needed.

You’re free to disagree but man I’d love to hear what the arguments for the countries staying in the euro are, because I am not convinced at all. As if everything isn’t fucked up already, and getting more fucked up.

The problem with the EU is that its a union and it isn’t. The lack of coordination and discipline amongst its different members is responsible for this. What’s happening is indicative of the need for stronger central institutions on their part if they want to survive, but this is never going to happen, no one will want this to impact their sovereignty.

Its kind of amazing it hasn’t completely fallen apart yet. More so that it might not.

Portugal and Rhode Island should just form a new country and call it Rhode Portugal. It will export bitterness at the rate it imports underappreciation. It will also be pretty much the same place.

Rhode Island and the Portugal Plantations.