hurray its my birthday!!

no one else seems to remember so thought I would celibrate here.

:moogle: he demands presents!!

um no I do…

:moogle: YES YOU DO!!!

yes sir.

Happy birthday. [sarcasm] Here’s a picture of me and Lenin.[/sarcasm] :thud:

KP’s hawt.

Only losers make their own happy birthday thread for themselves.


Happy Birthday, Cait Sith. A few people already wished you well in the Happy Birthday thread, but to get your own thread, you generally have to be well-known and/or liked by the RPGC public.

Regardless of that, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you! Have a happy next year in your life!


It’s a good thing I only do it as a joke >>;

Happy Birthday to you cait!

You’re the uh… good kind of loser… yeah… <<;

Where’s your burnt tree avatar, Epic? Happy birthday Cait. :smiley:

Usually, you shouldn’t make your’ own thread on bdays. I certainly didn’t.

Season’s not over until after the sixth for some people.

Happy birthday cait sith. ^^