Humble Indie Bundle 3 is GO

As if those bastards at Steam weren’t taking enough of our money.

I’d like to play And yet it moves, but I’m not sure if it might not be more intuitive on the Wii.

Eh, I’m honestly not too enthused, having played demos of all of 'em. Six Vs and Hammerfight are kinda hard for my tastes, Crayon Physics and Cogs are puzzle-games with occasionally-obtuse puzzles (Crayon Physics in particular was kinda really bad about not teaching you the general solution to a given puzzle-type before it dropped more-confusing versions of the individual puzzles), and AYIM was really terrible at giving you feedback as to when you messed up.

I really enjoyed V*6 and AYIM. They make good use of unique mechanics and aesthetics, and though there’s been plenty of puzzles that made me want to eat my keyboard, there’s nothing like the feeling you get once you’ve finally managed a particularly tricky bit. But I’ve always been very fond of the puzzle platformer genre, so, take this with a grain of salt.

Totally agree with you about Crayon Physics, though. While fun at times, it almost feels like I’m cheating when I screw with a level for awhile and end up winning it with an improvised pulley. (There are very few levels this doesn’t work on.)

On a similar note, to sweeten the deal, looks like everyone who bought the bundle gets a free trial period of Minecraft, so I’m finally giving that a try. Only took me a day to start hating creepers! But overall, I still maintain that I don’t have the right sort of creative mind to seriously get into the game.

I ended up getting the bundle. I’ve beaten VVVVVV; I’m not entirely sure why.

Also, they’ve added a sixth game now.

The games seem to be targeting smartphone and tablet users. Since I don’t have either of these they don’t appeal to me at all.

Something I’ve noticed that seems to have held true for all three bundles is that Linux users always have the highest average payment. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Greater disposable income due to having free software? :wink:

I think buyers of bundle 3 are getting bundle 2 for free (if they give >average).

I was going to say that as well.

Last year Bundle 2 buyers got Bundle 1 for free as well, but they didn’t have the > average condition.

I the the great point about Bundles is that it gets some extra cash to indie dev companies. Of course, the creator(s) of Minecraft hardly need extra cash but most indies out there are just a few guys in a basement trying to make enough money to stay self-employed.

Actually, yeah it did. You just got it for free if you already purchased the Bundle before they started making the offer, then they did the average thing.