Hullo everyone. I thought that I might return for a little visit.

At the moment, I am still living at home and working, but I am happy that I have been accepted into an M.A. programme at one of the universities (Victoria, English Programme) to which I applied several months ago. I am still waiting to hear from Toronto (Centre for Mediaeval Studies), the other university to which I applied, since that is my first choice. Victoria is a good school, though, and I have been pre-accepted into an English-tutoring work-study programme by which I can earn almost $10,000 (Canadian) throughout a school year by working a number of hours in a tutoring centre. In any case, I hope to move away this summer so that I may adjust to my new living space and workspace before I begin my studies in September.

Otherwise, things are faring relatively well. Work is boring and I still dislike a few of my workmates, but otherwise not so bad. Salsa is difficult but I am getting better slowly; hopefully I shall be good enough to go to a nightclub soon enough. I have been working on Modern English verse translations of some Middle English romances, and I have thought at trying my hand at a translation of a prose romance (the so-called Prose Merlin) next. In terms of music, I am listening to my old favourites along with Seether and Louis XIV. Today, as you may have seen, is my birthday, but I am probably just going to have a relaxing day and dine at an Italian restaurant with my family this evening.

This also happens to be my one-thousandth post, so I am willing to make a question thread if there is a demand to ask me all manner of silly questions.

Hello. I missed you. Well if missed mean wondering where you were and then forgeting about it then I missed you. :hahaha;

I demand that you make a question thread! :enguard:

sup Perc! :smiley:

Nice to see you 'round again, Percy. :wave:

Hope you have a fun B-day.

Good to see you agin, Percy. You’re probably the sanest person to bother hanging around this place.

I’m not making one of those “dur hur we’re CRAAAAAZY!” jokes, I dare anyone to try and refute my claim.

I refute your reality and substitute my own!
Or something like that!

Yoyo Percy. Keep kicking ass :slight_smile:

Hey Percy, I have a few questions that I think only you can answer, but they’re not question-thread type questions.

There’s the knight <i>Sir Galahad</i> who achieved the holy sangrael and a <i>Sir Galahad, the haut prince</i> who is apparently a Duke who sometimes participates in Arthur’s tournaments. Any relation (namesake?) or just coincidence?

Also, the knights of the round table are upset over Sir Lamorak’s death, but Sir Gawaine and his bretheren frequently visit Arthur’s court, yet no one challenges them over the slaying of Sir Lamorak by Sir Gawaine and his kin (I would think that Sir Launcelot or Sir Tristram would have challenged them). Any reason?

Hey, Perc. Hi. Nice to hear from you. :smiley:

<img src=“”> Welcome back <strike>Lady Percilia</strike> Sir Percival from your break from RPGC. It good to know that you are back, as franky, you rock!


Happy birthday, Sir Percival~ :dancer:

It’s great to see you again, Perci, and even better to hear that you’re doing well with your life.

:slight_smile: You know, I still can’t wrap my mind of around the idea of you dancing Salsa, but hey, anything that helps your social life is A-OK by me!

And as RPGC’s UN-official Birthday Thread Host, here’s my present for you:

Hope you enjoy it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy b-day!

hands him a cookie

The Faria shrine recently became available again… WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SHRINE IT?

Sir, yes Sir! Being called Sir, defenetely fits your on-line persona.

Today, as you may have seen, is my birthday

This also happens to be my one-thousandth post

You should buy a lottery ticket today, or go to a casino. This your lucky day :wink:

Good to hear from you, Perc :smiley:

Happy Birthday as well, good sir ^^;

You take care now, and best of luck with future studies :smiley:

Crap I didn’t see… Happy Birthday Percy!!

HB Sir Percival! :slight_smile:

I hope your day of bith in this year was as much joy as your true day of birth :slight_smile:

Perc! I cant believe how long its been, glad to hear you are doing well and being as awesome as you usually are!

Keep up the awesomeness, Ill make you bake me a meal one day yet :slight_smile: