Huge pairs of well-shaped melons in this thread.

Ha ha, you thought this thread was going to be about breasts, didn’t you? Well guess what; it isn’t! So now you look really stupid. In fact I’m going to make my entire post one huge hyperlink just to show my disdain for your crappy intellect. I bet your mother had to spoon-feed you until you were ten. Go and and change your diaper, you inbred moron.

They look delicious.


*zips pants back up

You win this round…

Those aren’t all in pairs though.

Actually I really did expect melons since this joke is so very overused. And yes they’re friggin good in kitchen art.

Yeah, I’m with Dragon Tear, nobody posts a thread about breasts with melon in the title. Except now, somebody might, just to be an ass and prove me wrong.

I am ashamed at anyone who actually thought this was going to be about breasts.

You can always count on Hades being an ass.

You knew about his post when you said that, right? If not, it’s pretty fucking creepy.

One pair really should’ve been carved to look like breasts. Just because.

Except they were carved into inedibles, 984.

Very pretty…the ones with the flowers carved into them are awesome. ^^

I actually thought there would a be a picture of someone swallowing a watermelon on Ripley’s believe it or not, or something.

The rosy pink colour is also very inticing.

That takes skill.

Yeah, it would be a shame to put melon’s like those in your mouth.

I know. Just an original thought. The actual thin is actually quite nice. I wish could do something like that. That would be kinda cool.

Aww… I drank too much melonade…

I wonder how they keep them fresh for so long while they carve? Unless they carve them in one sitting.

that’s so cool. The dragon one is awesome.

If I can borrow a phrase from Sin