HTML Resume

I’m taking a library science class in computers mainly because it makes me learn HTML. Anyway our big assignment is to make a website with a picture, a table, and two links (one to HTML version of a resume and the other a .txt file of the same resume). I have no problem making the the initial webpage, but I can’t figrue out a good way to make my resume in HTML. The teacher suggested using a big table, but that seems really complicated to me. Anyway, any help on this subject is greatly appreciated. I recently published my first webpage online here to show what I can do so far. It’s nothing fancy, it was just for a basic lab worth a couple of points.

Uh, write your resume as you normally would, then use the same layout for your HTML version.

Also, augh, kill off that background colour. Bright colours are death.

Bright colors load faster.

rolls eyes

Not funny 984. I just randomly picked it from a background template program.

TD: I could do it like that, but it would be pain to get the spacing I have in it. I guess I’ll just use easy block text and bullets. I was just wondering what others thought of the table idea.

It doesn’t have to be exact, just get the approximate layout in your head or whatever, then translate it into HTML. Tables work pretty well.

Some simple resume formats transfer very easily to html. If you just use bold for the headlines. The ones that use bullets are fancy indentations will be a little harder, but you definitely don’t need that for the class. Just do something like

personal stuff



stuff - stuff

Work Experience

stuff - stuff


more stuff - stuff

That’s what I meant when I said I might use simple block text, which is probably what I’ll do. A classmate of mine pretty much completed her website already except for a couple of metatags so I’ve been customizing her source code for my site. I’ll post the link to it when it’s finished.