HTML question?

Since I can’t find a forum for that kind of thing here in RPGC, I’ll post it here.
Is there a way to make it so when you press a button on a page, part of the page changes? and by part of the page i mean some text that is on the page. i want it to change depending on which button you press. Thanks!

Well… you could put the page into frames, and link part of the frame to a different page.

No… I dont think i can use frames. It’s for an RPGC shrine, you see… So I’m pretty much stuck with whatever I’m stuck with.

A few ways

  1. You can use Javascript. But if you do that, we’re all going to beat you up, and steal your genitalia.
  2. You can use an iFrame
  3. You can just make seperate pages!

Thanks, I guess I’ll just use seperate pages, then.
Just a question, why are you so against javascript?

Some Comapanies will not Allow it on their Systems for they say it is a Security Risk. I’m unsure if it is IFS, BAE Systems or CSC. Since there is a/are several ‘Secret Project/s’ will all three work on which I know about.

Big Nutter
I only use Java since Open Office requires it for what i do.

You can use JavaScript if you like, as long as you make sure that the content is still somehow accessible via a different method to accomodate people who have it turned off.

Well I’d use Iframe method but I’m kinda not sure if all browsers support it… the site xelo linked me to sayed very few browsers support iframe, but the site also seems outdated (and hacked, check the mainpage). anyone knows? thanks!

Just use seperate pages. Never underestimate the stupidity of the people who will be using your shrine.

Okay, thanks. But I can use Image maps, right? Everyone’s browser supports Image maps, right?

Clarify what one of those is plz.

Image maps are good. They’re the things where different parts of a picture contain different hyperlinks.

Make it in ASP and use textboxes or labels with a button.

ASP is getting even more complicated. I never used anything resembling that in my shrines. Keep it simple if at all possible.

It depends on the type of image map. There are those that you have this huge command beforehand of what pixel coordinates have what URL, and then there’s the Chop it into 50 billion pieces method, which works better. It’s easy to do that one with Adobe ImageReady

I’m pretty sure Hiryuu has one of those 50 billion pieces image maps in one of his newer Shrines. I seem to recall it working rather well.

All it is is lots of images and a table. So long as you don’t exceed the 1024+ images displayable on one page by IE5.0, you’re good.

Thanks, everyone, for your replies!

Well i’m using the “< img usemap=”#whatever" > & < map name=“whatever” > " method. (I dont have any program for the other one)
but it’s still ok, right?

EDIT: k. i had an idea, but everytime i try to post it, it edits the code of VBulletin because it parses the code instead of just displaying it. whatever.

Use the php tags.  That's what they're here for.