HTML Opinions

Should I just leave the things in the Other column blank or fill them up with N/A or something. So far the other column is super redundant, but some of the relics have hidden abilities that I’m still testing.

The equation must be balanced!

Forget it, I guess he really is crazy :-S

It looks fine how it is to me.

yeah, I think leaving them in would be fine, especially since most of the time there isn’t something in the other column.

<img src=“”> Make the column, and just put something like — in it. Personally, I hate visible tables with gaps in them. And use table backgrounds.

Looks peachy to me. I’d leave it how it is.

Mark it as n/a. Missing cells look butt ugly.

And where is that damn HTML help forum? =P

You don’t have to put n/a for each one, that’s just filling the table with dead weight and it might not be totally accurate, n/a means not available, what happens if a relic actually have no other “other” ability, putting n/a basically means you don’t know.

Personally there’s something about those large empty blocks that bothers me, why don’t you try making each row 4 columns long instead of just those that have an other field. You can put a &nbps; in the blank ones or maybe just put a -.

I think it looks fine. If you want there to be blocks in the last column, I’d put “----” in them. On the other hand, since everything that’s in the Other column is already mentioned in the Historian Description column, you could just get rid of the whole column.

I would add fillers, in the form of lines: –

I’d also use a different background in some of the columns, would make the entire thing easier to read.