HTML help, Part 2.

ALright, if anyone remember’s my earlier thread… I took a fairly simple M&M7 map and set it up as per Sin’s suggestion.

I’d like you all to tell me what you think and how I could work to improve it. Mind you, this is sort of a beta. I don’t even dare say its’ complete or perfect. IT has it’s problems.

First of all, I used PSP7’s ImageMapper to create the imagemap. The HTML otherwise was done by hand, using the default shrine page template. The red dots signify locatiosn that aren’t quite visible on the map, but have some significance regardless.

So any comments, on hwo to improve it?

Edit: I want comments. If you decide to flame or praise me without giving me specific examples of what I did right and what I could improve, don’t bother posting.

I have doubts on the usefulness of the image map. That’s not quite what I meant for you to do when we had talked about this but its not a bad idea.

If you’re going to do what you did with the map,you might as well just add little numbers in circles and have the locations beneath numbered.

<A NAME=#cauldron> <<-- What the hell is that. Don’t stick the # in a NAME tag, and don’t forget to close them. In any browser but IE, it applies the CSS A styles to even anchors. Therefore, if I hover those, they’ll all go italic.

Oi. I see.

I’d suggest what Sin said, as well as up the image quality of the map if possible; There really is no way you can do things with absolute positioning and stuff like I suggested in the other thread. Atleast not without a huge ammount of javascripts, and you don’t wanna do javascripts. JScripts mostly bad, 'k?

So, yeah, mark out the places with circles instead, ditch the image map completely unless the links lead to different maps and have an image there.

I agree, what your doing doesn’t really require an image map, its sort of going to waste considering you could have just put a little number next to items of interest on the map.

Don’t make your life any hard than it has to be, just mark items on the map and put an index on the buttom of the page, its faster, simpler, and just effective since several of your image map links just link down to the index anyway.