HTML Editors

Where can I find an easy to use program for html editting? I think that is what they are called…you know, you “make” a page in a program and it does all the html for you and whatnot.

Also, I have another question for site making; if you have a banner at the top of your page, how can you gaurantee it that every user can see it the way you want them too without resolutions screwing up the format? I tried to play around with stuff like this last year in my livejournal, but images that were centered perfectly to me were looking really messy for others. I don’t know how to combat this.

Read the join page >:E


Nonono. For HTML editing, use Nvu. Gives great, clean code and is very easy to use.
As for banner with resolutions, the only way to make sure is to actually view the page on different resolutions with different browsers. -_- There’s no catch-all solution; you have to play around with absolute and relative positioning (i.e. 50% vs. 400 pixels).