Anyone else planning on seeing this? I am PUMPED.

I’m not sure I’m even pumped for the last book, and I’ve yet to be really impressed by any of the movies.

Never saw the first four. Dunno why. Just not interested. My roomies are pumped for it though.

Not really, the fifth book doesn’t really strike me as something that would really shine much on the big screen unless the DoM section is exaggerated a bit. As far as what goes on, it’s possibly the less eventful one as far as Harry is concerned.

The last book is what has me excited.

I am pumped for both the incoming movie AND the book. I even preordered the damned book. AWESOME TIME IS ALMOST HERE!

I have doubts on how the movie will please my Potterheadness. I don’t like Umbridge’s look. Not fat and grotesque enough. Luna’s character looks alright to the books. I thought the hair would be more darker…

What I AM looking foward to, though, is the humongus fight at the Ministry. The fifth potter book was my absolute favorite of all the books, and I read the last 200 pages with each line covered up with my hand so I read it line by line in order to not speed past my spot and reveal too much.

I’ll see it. Probably just once, though.

I thought you were dead, man. Where you been?

Oh, I’m only excited if it contains an unbelievably hardcore Ukranian again. Any of them come back?

I’m not really a Potter fan myself.

That said, I’m certain I’ll be seeing this movie too. Mostly because everyone else in my family loves HP. That and the fact that I probably won’t be able to talk my parents into watching Transformers instead. Plus, I can’t afford to spend $10 to see a movie.

Jesus christ how old are you?

This is the one he goes all emo in right?

The first Potter movie bored me to death, the third was good, my buddies didn’t want to see the fourth dubbed in Spanish.

I couldn’t get into the books.

I’m not gonna see the fifth one. I saw the first, second and fourth, and they irritated me since they changed the story a bit from the books. I love the books (well, the last one was a disappointment) and I’m looking forward to the new book, but I just can’t stand the movies. I’ll probably hate it even mroe since the fifth one is one of my favorites (it and the second one).

I’ve ordered the book, but mainly because I ordered it through my aunt, who works for a bookshop where she gets a lovely concession. Otherwise, I’d probably wait a bit for the fury to die down before buying it.

I’ll probably see the film eventually, since there’s a second-run cinema a short step from here that’ll show it eventually. I went with some friends to the premiere of the last one back in the autumn of 2005, but mainly just because it was fun to go with them; I don’t think I’d do it again, though.

Rowling is <i>not</i> a good writer. I’m going to have to read the last one eventually, though, just because I’m p[l]ot committed :frowning:

I’m looking forward to both the film and the book, myself.

Although I always go into the films knowing that it will be a diiferent experience. But that’s understandable, since it’s bloody difficult to fit everything in.

Not that pumped after how the last movie turned out.

If she’s compelling you enough to read the last one, then she’s clearly doing her job as a writer. She’s a genre writer, not a literary writer, and I’d say that she’s one of the better at using genre to get across her unique plots. Also, pants.

I’m undecided as to when I’ll see the movie. I checked my work e-mail today (yes, I’ve been on vacation this week, but please don’t laugh), and it looks like some of the ladies will be gathering at the IMAX on Friday to see it. I don’t know if I want to pay $12 to see it on that huge screen and not to wear 3D glasses since that freaks me out a bit, but I do enjoy the company. If I don’t see it then, I’ll probably catch a matinee next weekend.

I’ve already hooked up borrowing the last book from another coworker; he’s my fantasy/sci-fi buddy. :smiley: I’m very excited about that.

If I had known how carelessly she was going to expand her world by the fourth or fifth book, though, I wouldn’t have continued after the first three. I have more respect for fantasy writers like Tolkien or Martin, who appear to put a lot more time and effort into crafting their fantasy universes and painstakingly design a much smoother character development timeline than she does. Also, pants.

Ah, I would say that she is an extremely poor planner, and that is something that is detrimental to a fantasy series. But I would not say that makes her a bad writer. Even good writers write terrible books now and again, and I’d say that 5 is an atrocious book for anyone to read because she tries to cram so much into it. However, I feel that she has learned from her mistakes when she wrote six, as it was a much more enjoyable read in general. I just hope that the last book isn’t an anti-climax. Also, pants.