How's your valentine's day this year?

It’s a well known fact that how you feel about Valentine’s Day is directly proportional to your estimated probability of getting some. So… good this year? Or no?

And remember, some = sex. Not pumpkins. Not Barium atoms.

I finished a love ballad, which I had begun quite some time ago, so I am satisfied.

Let’s see…

I went to class, and the professor started throwing bags of Hershey’s Kisses into the crowd of students. I totally intercepted one of the bags not thrown to me with an awesome left handed grab. That’s good.

I had to share the Kisses with everybody else. That wasn’t good.

The lunch lady talked to me again. That wasn’t good.

I pissed the majority of the day away by taking a 6 hour nap. Neutral.

I will probably lift weights later. Neutral.

I have to write a four page paper tonight. That’s not good.

But Valentine’s Day is never kind to Hiryuu, so yeah…

Also, I insist that Percy let’s everybody read his awesome love ballad. Unless he doesn’t want to, of course.

EDIT: Actually, I see that he already posted the ballad in the media forum. ROCK ON!

I went to see the movie Alexander. It blew ass.

The end.

It was all right. Nothing really special, same old Monday. However, I did see an old friend from high school, which was nice. However, there is zero to no chance I’ll be getting any tonight.

Hate the holiday. Hated every year since I was six.

At least I didn’t get any Valentines this year. I would have thrown the fuck up.


Best day this year so far. I got a nice gift picture, and I wrote a poem for my hon. Everything seemed to work out well, and I even got an entire shrine section finished!

Can’t complain. I did, however, see this beautiful woman in my class, and she’s like, tolly hot.

Engraved picture frame
Hershey’s Miniatures
W-2 form

14k hugs and kisses bracelet
2 chocolate covered strawberries
Prayer teddy bear

Dinner at The Outback

Total cost: Roughly $400
Spending the day with your loved one: Priceless

Sappy, I know. But this is the first time I’ve had a Valentine’s.

Had much fun. I took my girlfriend to the movies and we went out to dinner. Quite a pleasant night.

I got the album I ordered from England, handed out condoms, and watched Dawn Of the Dead. Today was great for those reasons, therefore, I don’t care about trying tp iniatie the procreation rituals.

World of Warcraft… >_>
Sleep in…
Make a V-day card for Trillian
(possibly) going to have coffie at Denny’s with ex-girlfriend.

Did Not:
Have a girl to spend v-day with.
Think this day is worth it.

V-Day is silly. What good is celebrating love only on one day? And if we were to be treating love as well as we should (those of us who have it should appriciate it) then V-Day should be no different than any other day.

Went to my great-grandmother’s funeral, then I just did some translation work and listened to music the entire day.

That’s it. <.<

I laughed. I cried.

I got through the day without puking. That’s an accomplishment.

Especially after Izlude made you a Valentine…

it was AWWWWWESOMEEEE!!! my wallet’s hurting though…

I didn’t make that one. I lost it at about 2:30 AM, GMT. 7:30 where I live.

Oh shit, that’s today?