Howl's Moving Castle

I rented this one today on the way home from work. I actually watched it on the first night, and it’s the first thing I’ve seen in a long while that got me to turn the lights out and the sound up while eating some fresh popcorn - it just gave me that magical feeling that I just don’t get much anymore when watching movies. It felt so good!

(Plus, I got to hear Christian Bale and Crispin Freeman, OMGHAIWOOHOOYEAH. :smiley: It sure doesn’t hurt.)

Now I’m totally inspired to watch some of the other Studio Ghibli films to see if I can get the magic there as well.

Concerning Studio Ghibli, I’ve only seen Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, but I get the impression that they’re pretty much all of that caliber.
I was actually a little dissapointed at the end of Howl with a certain aspect, that is, the one involving the scarecrow. I’m actually the prince who somehow was turned into a normally inanimate object with no explanation whatsoever. I can get over that though because the rest of the movie was wonderful.

I just saw this for the first time as well. It’s such a nice movie.
I’ve also seen Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and the second cat movie which I can’t remember the name of. It’s all good, though Spirited Away can be very… strange… at times.

SE - the scarecrow thing bothered me too, but like you said, the rest was good enough that I could let it slide. :slight_smile:

SE? Am I missing the meaning of some acronym, or did you for some reason think I was Seraphim Ephyon?

I highly suggest reading the book to understand some parts of the movie, though in reality the movie and book are really quite different. However the book itself is wonderful too. I did love this movie alot though, and concerning the scarecrow, It might be a considered a hint as to what happened to it with what the witch of the waste says at the end. Perhaps it’s supposed to mean that she cursed him, but when she’s senile who can tell exactly.

I haven’t seen the movie, but I plan to because I love the book. As for the scarecrow thing, if I recall correctly the witch wanted to create a perfect husband for herself, so she took the prince’s body, cut off his head, and hid that somewhere; his soul was sealed in the scarecrow. She then was to take the wizard’s head for the body. Ew O_o I may be wrong, it was a while ago.

As a sidenote there’s a sequel to the book named “The Dream Princess” or something similar. In it, the prince has randomly been banished and made amnesiac by a stray djinn. Man, sucks to be him.

Actually, in the book, the scarecrow was a golem created from the head of the wizard suliman (who is male in the book), who’s purpose was to find other parts of his body. And the Witch’s perfect husband was going to consist of part prince, part suliman, and the head of howl if i gather correctly. And I must read the sequel now that i’ve heard of it.

Yeah, the scarecrow bothered me too. And that FF8 seemed to have gotten their ending from this movie.

Something I couldn’t figure out though:

1. Was Howl allying himself with both sides in battles? As in he would fight for one side and then in the next battle he’d fight for the other side?

Yes, I am an illiterate dork. I was thinking about some other post where I meant to reply to something SE said to which I may or may not have actually replied. I am so sorry!

Lex: No, I don’t think he took sides, he just sorta attack whoever he could. Kinda like the one scene where he make a ship crash right in front of sophie, she asks “Is it ours or the enemies.” and howl says “Does it matter?” or something to that effect.

I finally watched this today. The movie, as a whole, was impressive, like all of Studio Ghibli’s productions. Though it still can’t top Nausica, Laputa or Mononoke in my book, it was still a great watch.

But I did feel it wasn’t quite as good as it could have been. For one, I felt the pacing was really bad throughout the whole movie. Then there’s the aforementioned Scarecrow thing, which didn’t bother me TOO much, but DID add some more ‘wtf’ factor to the ending. And there’s still a whole lot I don’t understand about the story as a whole, but I haven’t read the books on it either.

Story-wise, I felt it was a step down from Spirited Away. Though not a big one. Voice acting (Japanese dub, haven’t watched it in english yet), music, and animation were all as spectacular as one would come to expect from Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki.

Soooo, if you’re a Stuid Ghibli fan then it’s a sure buy. If you’re just a passing anime fan, then it’s still worth watching. If you just happen to like movies in general, then it’s still pretty good.

Speaking of Miyazaki, the Toonami showing has been good so far. I got to see Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke for the first time (no editing for kids on the latter, thank goodness), and I was totally blown away! Castle in the Sky is Saturday, and I don’t know why but it kinda gives me chills when I see the preview, wheee. :slight_smile:

Laputa: Castle in the Sky is probably one of my favorite Miyazaki movies, closely tied or beaten by Nausicaa. If you’re a console RPG fan, then LOTS of Laputa will feel very familiar. Ever since its release a lot of japanese games borrowed themes from Laputa, and sometimes more direct than others. The whole movie is kinda like a condensed RPG, in a way. Nausicaa is also similar in that regard. In fact, I believe that Square once confirmed that they got the idea for Chocobos from the birds Lord Yupa was riding in the opening, but I’m not sure if their confirmation is fact or just a rumor.

Sadly, Laputa is probably one of the movies Disney ported the worst. The english dub is downright bad for the majority of the movie, and the subtitles on the DVD are just laughably incorrect in several spots. Nausicaa had a MUCH better port, thankfully. Of course, it’s hard to sign Patrick Stewart up for something and have it NOT be awesome.

I just watched Howl’s Moving Castle over the weekend. I liked it a lot to, but some things definately confused me. Such as the scarecrow man. And the thing about Sophie repeatedly switching between ages…I really need to go read the book.

The sophie happy = young age thing is something that is also new to the movie, or perhaps exagerated from how it was mentioned in the book, were there are very few references. I personally thought it was a rather nice touch overall though.

That’s kinda what I was thinking.

As one who has seen most of the Ghibli films, by their overall standards, Howl’s was ass, and easily their worst one. In animated movie standards, it’s fantastic. That’s not saying a whole lot, since with the exception of Pixar and Ghibli, animated movies pretty much in sad shape. Watch My Neighbor Totoro or Grave of the Fireflies. That’s Ghibli Gold right there.

Kakashi was the best part in the movie >_>;

I saw it in a preview showing in the biggest threathre in Finland, woo! It was MAGICAL! And the popcorn/lighting part is about right. The atmosphere rocketed since the whole hall was FULL of anime nerds! :smiley:

All I could think about when I saw the end was “Square ripped off the FF8 ending!”