How you mine for fish?

I’m playing Zelda on the Wii and I can’t catch a fish for the life of me. How do I do it? I get to the point where it says “Fish On”, but then I lose the fish. How do I actually catch it?

I’m guessing you pull back on the Wii-mote while pressing or tapping the A button. Note: I’m just guessing based from my experience from the GC version (It’s difficult to aim with the C-stick and not move the camera or pull out of the fishing altoghter, but is otherwise just like OoT’s fishing minigame).

I guess you are at the silly point where the cat wants fish. Btw it needs two fishes; it eats the first and then wants one more.

When you catch a fish lift your arm slowly and steadily, moving it as if you’d like it to end up parallel to your body over your head. To lure the little buggers, I found that if you let it sink for a couple of seconds and make an abrupt Wiimote motion it may catch a fish.

If you want info on the minigame, I haven’t tried that yet.

Since it’s bobber fishing, you’re supposed to lift the 'mote sharply up when you see the lure fall between the green line.

I suppose I could try grabbing a vid or something. It’s real easy once you get a hang of it.

How 2 mine 4 fish by Mabatsekker
((Right Click and Save As… preferred))

  1. Cast Rod

  2. Wait for the fish to come close

  3. Once the meter hits green on the waterline…

  4. Pull up sharply!

  5. Voila.