How to make an ass out of yourself, RPG style:

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Why RPG Style? Only cause They Carry Swords?


Lol, I said the same thing 8P

Swords do not equal RPG. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Sure they do.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> Sure they do.

In many games, more primitive or more advanced weaponry is used. Of course, I’m not talking about console RPGs- which ALWAYS have fucking swords. If I made a console RPG it wouldn’t have swords. They are not necessary.

On another note, I’m glad that they were not successful in their attempts. Ugh…

Not all rpgs use sword though

But… sword. I like swords. I like RPGs… Sword = RPG

There are a lot more than swords in rpgs. And this probably had nothing to do with ‘rpg style’.

After all, the sole purpose of games like AD&D is to teach kids how to become proficient with swords. And to teach them that killing people with said swords is okay. Just like Doom teaches kids to blow people away with a shotgun.

Yeah, that’s the best reasoning I’ve ever heard! :slight_smile:
< /sarcasm>

Lots of them, especially console RPGs, do.

Considering that even Megami Tensei uses swords, and that’s supposed to happen in present day…

This must be a record; the thread went completely off-topic after 0 new posts.

Sounds more like: How to make an ass out of yourself, the human way.

This is another tragic record. No wonder intelligent extraterrestial life flees before us.

swords are involved in a lot other games besides RPGs… anybody here ever play Rocket Knight Adventures or Sparkster? (btw, these were two of my favorite games growing up ^_^)

rolls her eyes

No, Gramps. Tomorrow you can tell us about how you hiked to school in raging blizzards and played “old” video games, but now it’s time for your pills, old man.

hides sword what? I wasn’t going to do anything with it…

Anyways, swords don’t always haev to be in RPG’s if I remember correctly, but isn’t this a topic about the teens killing people?

Wrong move, I’ll shut up now…

I saw this story and I heard these words in my mind…

“Same old story/
same old song and dance, my friends./
It’s the same old story, same old story/
same old song and daaaaaaannnce./”

Since real life can’t be turn-based, and it’s already real time, I would posit that having swords is about as close as you can come to RPGing in the real world.

That is all.

Umm, I don’t remember any swords in Sparkster, Orak…the main character used a blaster or his entire body as a weapon as I recall…then again, I never did play very far. Only point I saw in the game was cursing at Konami for making this instead of a Super Metal Gear (or a port of the MSX version would have been good). Hell, you want a Konami game with a sword? MGS, or better yet, MGS2. I dare you to shrine THAT.

…but back to the topics, every news article I’ve seen has compared them to the Matrix…guess cuz they dress like the guys in it. Anyway, I’m still going to bring my 'Glaives to college.