How to get two 31/31 creatures on your fourth turn.

Alright, Scenario: GG Crono and I were playing a Chaos Magic game.

To the uninititate, Chaos is an alternate mode in Apprentice. Basically it adds an additional phase at the beginning of a turn, where you must make a Chaos roll, and follow it’s effect like a card. Anything can happen, really. It’s a good equalizer, since good rolls can really help the novice.

But I manage to lose anyway.

Not the point though. There’s also Persona, Enchant World, and Wackyland rolls, where you only make those when the Chaos roll tells you, but beside the point again.

Anyways, this is what ahppens.

GG and I roll d20 do determin who’s first. I win so I go first. My first Chaos roll forces him to randomly discard a card in his hand and discard another one of it’s choice. This forces him to discard his Elvish Piper (to his annoyance) and then he discards his Ancient Ooze.

The Elvish Piper allows you to bring a card from your deck into play. This is important.

The Ancient Ooze has a Power/Toughness equal to the converted mana cost of all the other creatures COMBINED. This is important too.

His first Chaos roll brings back two creatures from his graveyard into play. Now, he has an Elvish Piper out and a 4/4 Ancient Ooze.

My next one allows me to choose a creature and slap it with a cumulative upkeep of 1. I slap the Elvish Piper, thinkign I’d kill two birds with one stone.

Now, I forget his next chaos roll (or anything after that, save these events, but…)

He pays the upkeep (he has two Forests out), and the draws and plays Gaea’s Cradle. Which gives him G for each creature in play. He then uses the Piper to bring out a Nesting Wurm.

When a Nesting Wurm comes into play, you can pull three more out of your deck and put them into play as well. Which is exactly what he does.

A nesting Wurm has a converted cost of 6. 4x6+4=28. The Ooze is now 28/28.

On his next turn, he gives up the Piper and plays ANOTHER Ancient Ooze. Which by the way, has a converted mana cost of 7.

So 4x6+7=31. The Ancient ooze uses the other’s mana cost. The result: two 31/31 creatures. HOW WRONG IS THAT???

Apprentice borked before we could finish the game, but the outcome was crystal clear.

Hey hey hey! :mwahaha:

That deck is chock-full of high-cost creatures. You have not yet SEEN the potential power of the Oozes.

Heh, GG…I remember when you beat me with that deck. I must say this to Spazzy…


I helped him build that deck. I can bring it down to its knees. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, for some clarification:

Elvish Piper
G,T: Put target creature card from your hand into play.
2/2 (or 1/1, I forget)

Ancient Ooze
Ancient Ooze’s power and toughness is equal to the total converted mana cost of the other creatures you control.

Ah. That’s good. O_O I’m an M:TG n00000b. My deck is pretty much swamp creatures who you can’t block, and I kill you, oh, and I have defending creatures who regenerate and stuff. Fun. >_>

Don’t make me bust out my regeneration deck. Onslaught/8th Edition. I challenge any of you to make a block deck (Onslaught block, 8th Edition) and try me.

Erm… Sorry? :too bad;

Don’t be. I’m looking for a reason to use it. I have yet to use it on-line.

How can you use it online? The only things I know of that let you play are Apprentice and Magic Online. Unless you want to make all the cards in your deck or you found an update, how would you play?

Originally posted by Sun Demon
How can you use it online? The only things I know of that let you play are Apprentice and Magic Online. Unless you want to make all the cards in your deck or you found an update, how would you play?

'Nuff said.

(BTW, Cala, have new deck, need to test it. :get it?: )

I asked because as far as I know there are no onslaught block updates for Apprentice.

Uhhhh… Yes there is. It goes up to Scourge. usually has latest patches. And 8th Edition is all reprints.

K see I didnt know that because no-one told me, so thanks cala.
Is it supposed to be in a language I dont understand? Because it is.
Edit: Did you mean ?

Yes. Shaddup. >.>

You FAILD didnt you Cala? FAILDFAILDFAILDFAILD I’d hug you but youd probably do something mean to me, like shove a knife in my spine.