How to destroy the earth
Since TD never got around to posting it. (I’m also not sure if it’s been posted before >.>)

Some funny and also very interesting things in that list.

That’s hilarious, and surprisingly accurate. I’d rather wait until the Interplanetary Submission Strategic Self-Evolving Weapon System Deus is complete (Or at least the Death Star, if I can’t find a device to alter existence probability phenomena) but those methods are good too.


And then of course, the almighty question comes in.


And then of course, the obvious retort comes in:

Why not?

I’ ll try and make a sig about it. Damn cool. BTW, if you feel the Earth shakin’, it’ s me, don’ t worry…:mwahaha:
EDIT: the sig is too big… :bowser:

I don’t like how all of these take entirely too long. :\

Me too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…it was good. Not great.

Meh. All too much work just to destroy an insignificant blue dot.

why did i just read all of that

I wouldn’t want to destory the world. But I could be persuaded into getting rid of some of the more useless lifeforms I know.

Like the French?


If you want to destroy the world just do this.
Step One: Cut down all the trees.
Step Two: Transmit elevator music and/or Armenian folk music on every radio station 24/7 until people have brain aneurysms.
Step Three: Convince the bigwigs in Hollywood we really do need a sequel to Super Mario Bros. the movie.
Step Four: Allow Ah-nuld the Governator to run for President.
Rinse and Repeat.

That makes no sense at all.

Hey, I liked that movie. I’d love a sequel.

God I suck.

No arguement there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I’m gonna agree with the rest here, you do suck.